Vieux Fort woman died from asphyxiation, post-mortem finds

Vieux Fort woman died from asphyxiation, post-mortem finds

crime sceneA woman found dead in her Vieux Fort home died of asphyxia, a post-mortem has found.

The body of Samdai Fraser, 59, was found by her husband on Monday (July 20) at her house in Cedar Heights.

A post mortem examination was conducted on Wednesday (July 22) on the woman’s body.

Fraser was found lying face-down in a pool of blood, with a rope around her neck and plastic bag around her mouth and neck.

Her face had apparently been slammed to the floor of her home, police officials have said.

It is believed that Fraser may have walked in on a burglary in progress and knew her killers very well.

Reports are that several items were missing from her home: two cell phones, one 32-inch TCL television, one iPad and one Play Station 3 game consoles.

Police believe that more than one person is responsible for the brutal murder.


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  1. Where the police will catch them!The police are not well equiped to catch criminals when it comes to evidence.Sometimes,i wonder if the police are not engaged in those murderous activities in the country making it even more difficult to ascertain a smooth operated investigation.


  2. Hope the police get them devils .they think the world belong to them .ppl cannot live in their own home .bullshit and very sad for the Nation on the hold


  3. What we really want to know is the result of Coronor's Inquest into the death of Chakadan. We all know that he died of asphyxia. However, who is responsible for his death? We also know that the inquest cannot determine who is responsible. We want to know who is responsible for his death, was it him?


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