Vieux Fort teen allegedly raped

Vieux Fort teen allegedly raped


An 18-year-old female was allegedly raped on Saturday in Augier, Vieux Fort.

Reports are that the female was attacked by an unknown male, while in the company of another male.

The female was allegedly raped.

Police are investigating.



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  1. What is being done about rape in this country? Often times, we speak about the issue and we quarrel on the various radio stations, we hear from the government ministers and ministry officials but there is still no action. Who are the mysterious rapists lurking in our midst and why are we not trying to bring them to justice? I am fed up of hearing about rape and nothing is being done in this country.


  2. stop rushing trying to pick up everyone so the other driver don't get anyone. lives matter!!! wish you could sue them for negligent. choops!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. so where did the other male she was with when she was being raped?? did he run off? stand and watch? take part?


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