Vieux Fort – St. Lucia’s southern metropolis? (letter)

Vieux Fort – St. Lucia’s southern metropolis? (letter)
Vieux Fort Plaza. * Photo credit: Business Focus
Vieux Fort Plaza. * Photo credit: Business Focus

Dear Editor: I have been reading with great interest, of the projected developments for Vieux Fort as espoused by our Prime Minister Allen Chastanet with the slogan “Your Time Has Come” and as reported in the local press.

One news outlet referred to the significant developments in the north of St Lucia brought about by Sir John Compton when there was so much skepticism and doubt expressed.

Sir John’s vision resulted in, among other dimensions, the draining of a swamp infested with sand flies, the creation of significant housing developments with homes occupied by our people, hotels of international standing, a causeway linking our mainland with Pigeon Point, a Rodney Bay Marina opened to international yachting business and a Millennium Highway – all which have created jobs and opportunities for so many St Lucians.

To my mind, the vision of Prime Minister Chastanet for the south is comparable in many ways to that of Sir John in his day. I refer to the projected modern Vieux Fort port development, which is not only for cruse ships, but also can be used for the shipping of agricultural products through the south of the island; prospective investments by renowned hotel chains and associated developments that would include entertainment centers; agricultural development enterprises to engage our farmers; prospective fisheries sectors and expanded work opportunities.

In addition to what is reported in terms of the projected physical development of the south of the island, there is room for the creation of a community college, a medical center affiliated to international institutions, with facilities which cater for local needs as well as overseas persons with specialist needs, and expanded commercial enterprises with both local and international content.

The above is possible within a phased development with the full understanding and participation of our people, for in any major development of such magnitude there will always be opposition and sometimes doubt. Like previous developments in the north of St Lucia there will be adverse commentary and opposition to projected developments.

It can all be achieved with due regard for the preservation of our unique ecosystem with indigenous animal species which of itself is a major asset and attraction of global dimension.

I look forward to fuller articulation and dialogue on the phased development of what I wish to call our Southern Metropolis in the context of the development of our physical and human resources in so many different dimensions, and the potential contribution to our economy.

Dr. Edsel Edmunds
Former Ambassador of St Lucia to
The UN, OAS, and UN
Former Member of the Executive Board of UNESCO


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  1. Dr. Edmunds you've got to be a failure as an ambassador if you endorse this the few public details and come again.


  2. Most people are so dumb to the real world we live in, what's wrong with building the hotel down in veiwfort,?,the agreement? Now tell me how that would affect you or St. lucians if the deal goes bad? Let's just life is bad for me now, if the deal goes bad do you believe things would get worst for me, I don't think so, all countries that we love going to are sold out, the United States owes a load, the UK and even Canada.the deal is good, St. Lucia needs to get in the risk section, Trinidad took a risk and lost control over their oil, but their citizens are leaving better in terms of financial power, we as Lucian's love gambling anyways, horse race will be great, it's clear most of us haven't the opportunity to live the American dream, America doesn't have that dream but we as a nation can do it let's go for it, those hating will be the first to step foot and admire.


  3. First of all when John Compton had is "vision" for the North. St Lucian's did not have sell out their birthright with notion creation of "jobs" as a matter of fact if he was alive today he would have denounced THE THERMS and STIPULATIONS of this projects maybe some of its developments for sure. In a way its too bad Compton did not make the same mistake That's been proposed today 30yrs ago because if he did St Lucians maybe would have learned a lesson and would declined to travel that road again but we have politicians today who's pockets are lined and are feeding the people glossy pictures and a myth of a road of prosperity but for who. I will tell you who ; whoever got the land for 99 years with no tax or future tax. The person or persons that get all the profit from the sale of CIP for the project and all funds from the DHS Project.


  4. The chinese are going to screw us so bad it's not even going to be funny. Horse racing track. lmao.


    • Keep your fear and negativity to yourself. We don't need that if we are to be a progressive nation.


      • So I should ditch common sense and adopt your child like, suicidal, wishful thinking ? No thanks.


      • It's people like you holding the whole nation back so you can support your selfish party interests. SORTI LA!


    • Where was that when Kenny and the SLP brought in the Chinese after the 1997 elections? They demanded that their own Chinese people be the ones doing the jobs at the substandard structures they gave us namely the Stadium and the Hospital. These present projects are not bringing in Chinese. For your information Teo Ah Khing is not Chinese. I agree we will have Chinese but these Chinese will be investors who do not have interest in our passport unlike the poor Chinese Kenny brought in 1997 and they are still here opening restaurants and variety store selling substandard goods.


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