Vieux Fort South MP Dr. Anthony takes legal action against Saint Lucia Gov’t over DSH

Vieux Fort South MP Dr. Anthony takes legal action against Saint Lucia Gov’t over DSH
Dr. Anthony (left) and lawyer Astaphan (right)
Dr. Anthony (left) and lawyer Astaphan (right)

(PRESS RELEASE) — Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, confirms that his lawyers have filed a claim in the High Court against the Government of Saint Lucia for entering into Agreements with Desert Star Holdings Ltd, also well known as “DSH”.

The claim seeks Declarations from the Court that the Agreements between the Government of Saint Lucia and Desert Star Holdings Ltd are unconstitutional, null and void. The claim also argues that that the financial arrangements underpinning the Agreements are unlawful as they are in breach of the Finance Administration Act of Saint Lucia, the Citizenship by Investment Act and the Regulations made under the Act.

It also seeks Declarations that the agreements to grant concessions are irrational and an abuse of the discretionary powers of the Government of Saint Lucia. The Court is also asked to order an injunction on the project if it rules in favour of the claimant.

Dr. Anthony explains: “I have taken this step because I believe that the Agreements as presently exist are not in the best interest of my constituents, the neighbouring constituencies of Vieux Fort North and Augier/Laborie and indeed, the people of Saint Lucia.

The Agreements will destroy and/or inflict considerable harm on the farmers in my constituency and nearby communities. Already, several cattle farmers have lost their animals because of the indiscriminate removal of fencing protecting grazing grounds by the contractor engaged in preparing the horse racing site. The traditional grazing grounds on the Beausajour site no longer exists. Some farmers have also abandoned their animals and their crops as a direct result of the actions of the Government.

It is irrational to deactivate a just completed meat processing facility which was a gift from a foreign government at a cost of approximately EC$24.0 million, the location of which was once held to be strategic to cater for the needs of the farmers in the immediate and surrounding communities.

The Agreements strips the people of Vieux Fort of their patrimony, access to their beaches and surrounding lands. Sandy Beach is one of the few remaining beaches left for the enjoyment of Saint Lucians.

Vieux Fortians will become prisoners in their own community. The proposed development will undoubtedly suffocate the town of Vieux Fort and its future expansion and development.

Further, I cannot accept that the site which accommodates the National Stadium should be yielded to DSH.

The proposed method of financing the proposed development is outrageous and an abuse of the goodwill of the people of Saint Lucia.

These Agreements are not, in my view, in the interest of my constituents and indeed the people of Saint Lucia. As I have said before, I will oppose these Agreements with every ounce of strength that I have.”

Dr. Anthony is represented by Anthony Astaphan SC and Mr. Leslie Mondesir of the chambers of Mondesir, Pierre and Associates.


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  1. Why didn't anyone take you to court over jufalli and Ernest hilare selling our country out to the highest bidder then


  2. I seriously want to know why no one took legal actions against you when you signed deals with Rochamel and Grynberg? But wait a minute nobody knew about the signing deal you made with Grynberg till after you lost the elections and all we know is that you told Huntley to keep the documents at his home you weren't suppose to sign the documents which you did. But I guess you are a lawyer and that's what you do best. So here we go more money for Mr.Penguin looking lawyer.


  3. Kenny can write whatever he wants, its his right. Its the judges with no street sense that we must be concerned about


    • You are watching it that way but you aren't seeing his real motive. If this gets tied up in the courts it can last more then 3 years so in essence he's tying up on of the key development that the Government is relying on to make them win over the south and a voting chance in the next general elections. And the way how things are looking with the Government now there might not be any hope for them to return in the next 2 years so it's a win win for the S.L.P and Kenny. Yes boy labour will be back come next elections smart move by the best power hungry politicians you can ever have.


  4. He is trying to use the law as a cudgel, as would his white father, to suppress the legitimate aspirations of black people in this country. The British have already paid the whites for their forced enslavement of their chattel.

    We have already paid the price. How the hell does he want to keep treating Saint Lucia as if the island was his father's plantation?


  5. It is time to send this son of a plantation massa back on the plantation. Such are only entitled to have slaves on their parents' plantation. That sense of entitlement to rule, suppress the aspirations of black people, and to push people down back into poverty and work for slave labour wages belong to a slave plantation. Saint Lucia has moved on. They have mortgages. They have homes. They have cars. Down with SLP's new slavery.


    • Well said . I saw it coming all everyone see is red and yellow red and yellow and not the lost of their sovereignty.


  6. Dr Anthony dont make us think that you are now worried abouut us when.most of us know your real reaaon
    You are trying to tell us of how dumb we are that we need you to save us ,what did you do for VF when you were Prime Minister
    All of you so call concern citizens have your own agender as far,as I can se


  7. SLP is running scared that DSH will eventually destroy the drug hole, the hell hole, and the Bruce Ville ghetto that returned it to power in VF. The SLP is shamelessly fighting for the perpetuation of poverty and the ill-gotten gains for key members in the domestic and international drug trade.


    • you understand.... When will Lucian's get the picture. And we have some journalist boy that's like germs and bacteria we need to do away with. People like Lerry Carasco aka Rick Wayne and Sam " juke Bois" Flood. spreading lies and propaganda claiming to be about the people and for the people but they have their own agenda. If ya'll truly care about St Lucia, why play politics and be Partisan , stop being bias man, speak the truth , tell it like it is, both sides are shit and crap, both sides love corruption and borbol , both sides eating man money that's why since 2009 a hospital burned down and up to now we can't get this thing sorted out, people playing politics for every damn thing in this country and instead of forcing them to change their dirty ways , ya'll Lucians Yes Ya'll ( stupid) there helping them do it, voting for them, helping them play politics, playing internet bad man and internet bad woman for stupid politicians, Quarreling for party, going and stand up in a hot sun while they under shade, to listen to some bullshiters talk about what they can and will do for u when they in power and turn their back on ya'll, kick ya'll like the dogs ya'll are after they win. i'm not upset with them blood suckers any more you know, not upset with them vampires, no, im upset with you stupid fools called ST. LUCIANS


  8. Kenny should be ashamed to speak of the constraints of vieux fort and environs as a former prime Minister u gave that same a St a fan your layer 35 acres of land unbranded at beausejour grosislet to defend rochamel for u. You were not aware that the cattle farmers in your constitutioncy needed lands for their cows and goats to graze. It just dawn on u that after 20 yrs of receiving false salary and all the perks with it the people now need work. You are such a low life hypocrite that need to be flogged in the view fort square u labour criminals want always to keep the masses in shame when in office u all say don't worry about the asses. Well the masses need to feed their offsprings so get a life enjoy your pension eat as much as u can don't blow up the maker will deal with u. Regards


  9. all who ask for the details of the Grynberg fiasco, i'm with you lets get the ball rolling on that one also. But we should ask the U.W.P to take them to court concerning that issue and sit back and watch them destroy their selves their waste of time idiotic parties, because that's what we need, stop playing politics and only thinking about party. A move like that will force the information we need out of those crooks and vampires and force transparency in government. Lets stop watching politicians eat our money. time for the revolution man .


  10. Them ignorant fool that want dsh don't know nothing about their country and what it means to be a slave in your own country.


    • Well said !! Of course they have no idea. They are fooled and sold, hook and sink on glossy pictures with the myth of prosperity and they are willing sacrifice by giving away their precious birthright for it. I am not against investments THE COUNTRY NEEDS INVESTMENT but not at the cost of what Theo King and his cronies bring. Value yourselves and stop selling your self short and only for what you are worth. And there are the illiterate blabber mouth taking about jobs and Vieux Fort will be the Vegas of the Caribbean. I say to them GO AND READ the terms of agreement which it states upon completion of the project there will be NO GURANTEED to hire locals if that is not nerve wrecking I don't know what is or I Theo King is exempt from PAYING VAT for 99yrs. All profits that are generated from DHS WILL NOT BE SHARED with The Government of St Lucia. ALL FEES generated from CIP investment for DHS goes to DHS Holdings HUH !!! The government of St Lucia cannot be an investor. So let me understand this I and my generation must pay tax for the next 99yrs while you and yours pay nothing, collect all the fees during that time while holding prime land at $1.00 a square yard and after 99yrs hand it back to us and only then we will start making a profit for ourselves ??? All who are in favor of this madness should be branded an enemy of the state and they all should be rounded up like cattle brought to town square whipped and then bathe with salt water for selling out and economic enslaving the state and people of St Lucia.


      • Totally agree. He said he would go to court and he did just that this should be a lightening bolt over the head of others who he has threaten to do the same..


      • Best statement so far ask most of them if they have ever seen or read the agreement and they cannot answer or they tell you no that new meat processing plant cost 24 million mama I never knew it cost that much and they want to move that awa


      • Amen! People need to open their eyes. They're blinded by the red and yellow. That's slavery at it's finest!


  11. Every time I see Astaphan and Kenny it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like reliving the nightmare of the DUO siphoning millions from our tax payers through bogus court cases


  12. Its not about keeping VF in the stone age. But something is surely wrong if Chastanet go and sell lands in the south for the chinese for next to nothing and for 100 years. It means they can do what they like there for the next 100 years and no one can stop them. Thats a bad deal. in fact its a crazy deal. when we did it with the Americans we got the St Judes hospital that lasted several years and the present international airport we have now. in fact St Judes was the leading health care facility on the island till both parties turned their backs on it. what we getting with the chinese is a race track for horses. what the heck is that? where are you all brains and that of Chastanet? And this is coming from a non SLP supporter. But facts are facts. I cant be blinded by political colours when it comes to what is best for my country.


    • You must be an idiot how can you SELL something for 100 years? It is sold or it is not sold. Stop being an SLP brainless parrot. If the government wants an interest in a project but does not want to totally relinquish possession of the land that it owns and puts this into the pot, this is the kind of arrangement that must be entered into.

      If the entire project collapses and must be liquidated, and projects do collapse, like Le Paradis, the government still retains ownership of the land. Contrast this with the idiocy Black Bay Lands so-called investment. There was no such back door.

      When that project imploded, the government, because there was no clause in that agreement which protected the government and the people of Saint Lucia, we had to buy back the forfeited property. Do not be fooled by these manipulators of the truth. All that is being done here is a deflection to keep smarter minds from pointing fingers ar the delinquency and deficiencies of those self-serving machinations of the lying SLP.


      • Guys, lets keep it professional by not calling one another names, state your opinion but respect others as well.


  13. Since when on God's blessed earth is irrationality has become an illegality? Maybe senility on the part of some.


    • All of you who bitching forever about Grynberg why don't you UWP hacks do what Kenny did and go to court. Why you all don't reach court yet ?? You all know why .


  14. “I have taken this step because I believe that the Agreements as presently exist are not in the best interest of my constituents, the neighbouring constituencies of Vieux Fort North and Augier/Laborie and indeed, the people of Saint Lucia."

    Man you have no damn shame. And I guess the way you kept that area like a ghost town for 20+ years without any jobs or development was "in their best interest"?

    This mad man will do anything to stifle development in the south.


  15. How convenient. What you need to do is acknowledge what the public is been asking regarding Granberg. Come forward and let the people know the shady dealing which transpired. Shame on you for keeping this a secret for so many years. You need to retire cause everyone is sick of you.


  16. Lets just keep Vieux Fort in the stone age. Over a hundred people already employed so Kenny wants them fired to protect a few mangy cows full with pees. Kenny would probably want all the OJO labs people to be fired so that they can feed those meg cows he is concerned about.


    • Kenny wants everybody cutting grass to feed those cows not driving backhoe and truck for DSH. He is a farmer after all. He was involved in sending bananas to England just ask RF 'Can I help you' to tell us what he knows that they both know.


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