Vieux-Fort South Disaster Committee to discuss Ebola virus with residents

Vieux-Fort South Disaster Committee to discuss Ebola virus with residents

The Vieux Fort South Disaster Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Health will be hosting a series of community discussions on the Ebola virus in Vieux Fort South and its environs from Thursday 20th November to December 3rd 2014.

According to evidence from the Ebola stricken parts of West Africa if infected with the virus could result in the loss of the lives of loved family members friends neighbours and members of the community and country. Such a concern needs to be addressed urgently and being well informed on the virus and precautionary measures to be practiced will reduce the incidence of being infected and affected by the Ebola virus.

As a result, a number of community discussions have been scheduled with Dr Shana Cyr- Philbert of the Ministry of Health on the following dates:

Vieux Fort Town, Bruceville the Mange, Bacadere and Moule-a-Chique at the Vieux Fort Square on Sunday 23rd November 2014 at 5 p.m.

La Ressource La Tourney, Doe Camel, Derre Morne, and Morne Beausejour at the Mother’s and Father’s Hall near the Plain View Combined School on Wednesday, 26th November,2014 at 5:00 p.m.

Cedar Heights Hewanorra Orchard, St. Jude’s Highway Cantonement at the Born Again Church ( upstairs Fast Cars), near the La-Ressource Gap on Wednesday, 3rd December 2014 at 5:00 p.m

Residents in Black Bay are asked to join in on any of the above mentioned days.

Please note that there is a change from the 20th to 23rd November, 2014 due to an unavoidable engagement by Dr Cyr.

All residents are kindly invited to be in attendance as the spread of the Ebola virus is of much concern to you and me. Let us become better informed on this much feared health hazard as we try to be better prepared on the precautionary measures to be taken.

Come one come all ! The control and spread of the Ebola virus is everyone’s business.


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  1. Do you belive that of the over 5,000,000,000 world's population no one is able to cure ebola right now/ //??? nOT ONLY DO i BELIeVE THAT THERE ARE BUT I also believe that there are people who can or may cure ebola and such other diseases as Multiple Myeloma right now.


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