Vieux Fort shooting victim charged for killing man at fisheries complex

Vieux Fort shooting victim charged for killing man at fisheries complex
Soumere (left) and George
Soumere (left) and George

(SNO) — Police have charged 20-year-old Miguel Soumere for the execution-style killing of Melvin Romanus George at the Vieux Fisheries Complex last month.

Police said Soumere was charged on Thursday shortly after he was released from hospital. He had been admitted after he was shot in his face in Bruceville, Vieux Fort after 9 a.m. on Jan. 28, 2019, allegedly by his cousin, Irvin Julian, aka ‘Block Chest’, who has been charged for attempted murder.

According to reports, the gunshot fragments damaged Soumere’s right eye and exited his nose.

Soumere remains in police custody in relation to the killing of George who was shot in the back of head, by a lone gunman wearing a ‘hoodie, while cleaning fish on Jan. 25, 2019.

There has been a series of shooting in Vieux Fort in recent weeks.

On January 24, Jahmil Pierre was shot and injured in Bruceville and was hospitalised.


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  1. I am so content with the result.Someone has been charged,but what have he done to you?God is a good God.I love n miss you,if u were there everything wud be okay


  2. Most of not all the gun crimes in VF stems from the Bannan from France. If I know how comes the police don’t know? Was the attempted murder a paid hit to cover the VF Pond murder?


    • Sad. Not funny at all. Serious societal problem. May not be all of our faults but the consequences may certainly affect us all.


  3. wow you leave by the gun and you die by it for true. watch how mate kill a man a days after now his own cousin almost kill him smdh


  4. Great police work! keep it up guys! together with the public and good social policies in place to help families we can help turn the tide against youth crime in St. Lucia. The young men should know they are needed to build a strong society; they are needed to build the next generation, they are needed to keep st lucia productive. crime must end in that place in Jesus name!


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