Vieux-Fort Public Library in deplorable state

Vieux-Fort Public Library in deplorable state

dscn0558The Vieux-Fort Public library is in a terrible state, and it is of grave concern to its users who are making a clarion call to the relevant authority to address the problem.

Its leaky ceiling, which results in the library being transformed into a shallow swimming pool whenever it rains, and the broken tiles on its flooring which makes walking in certain parts of the building dangerous, are the main concerns of its users.

Whenever it rains, the electrical outlets and the switches in the building get wet, making it risky for both the librarians and its users.

The perennial problem exists in the adult section of the library, located on the upper floor of the maintenance department of the Vieux-Fort South Constituency Office.

And now that we are in the rainy season, users of the library are even more concerned about their safety.

At a fleeting glance at the building from outside, it would appear that no such problem exist, but with just a peek inside the building it tells a different story.
dscn0561Over the years, repair work has been done on the building on several occasions but the shoddy work never lasts, and has proven to be a waste of taxpayers’ money.

“I came in the library to study not to be part of a pool party. I feel very uncomfortable studying here…” Kurshly James, a regular user of the library told St. Lucia News Online.

“It’s time there be a solution to the problem. Whenever it rains water gets through the windows…. The ceiling is leaking,” another library user lamented.

However, the librarians, who are visibly frustrated whenever it rains, declined to comment on the situation.

Investigations by this reporter revealed that the head of library services is aware of the problem.


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  1. The library has always been in a mess from the time I was in Form 1 at Campus A in 1994 and used to read Nancy Drew. It was never a priority for anyone. As I moved to upper secondary, the library was no longer useful because the books were outdated and did not provide current information that my projects required. The only thing was to go there for peace and quiet to study. The place should become a museum or natural history facility, another important educational aspect lacking in Vieux Fort.
    Only roads to people's doorsteps matters.


  2. And worse thing is .. that library is in the vicinity of about about 4 - 5 schools .. thats ashame on every parties part ..


  3. That's a deliberate piece of vadalism at the library, VF people not easy, call DKA, de savior , he destroy make him fix,


  4. Kenny has done such a wonderful job for you vieux fort. keep on supporting him because he always put you first. vieux fort has footprints all on it from Kenny and slp stepping all over it


  5. No wonder our young people find pleasure in the clubs/bars. In order to read/steady the environment must be safe and comfortable


  6. Wow... We have so many issues... libraries have been on the back burner for too long...


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