Vieux-Fort police lauded for ensuring a relatively peaceful carnival

Vieux-Fort police lauded for ensuring a relatively peaceful carnival

(SNO) – Revelers who took part in this year’s carnival celebrations in Vieux-Fort had a rollicking time under heightened security.

Skimpy-attired revelers rotated their waist at ultra speed as they gyrated without moderation throughout the two- day event which commenced last Sunday (July 8, 2018).

However, the crowd participation was not as impressive as previous years.

Five bands took part in the Parade of the Bands, displaying various themes.

What was striking in this year’s celebrations was the heavy presence of armed police officers who combed the various troubled areas in Vieux-Fort town, searching a number of persons. Their presence was well appreciated by both revelers and spectators.

Prior to the event, a number of persons in Vieux-Fort had expressed concern for their safety during the event. Some told this reporter that they would not attend because of the chilling crime spree in Vieux-Fort. However, there was no reported incident of violence during the two-day event in Vieux-Fort.

Over the years carnival celebrations in Vieux-For have always been marred with gang violence. Organisers of the event, however expressed satisfaction with its outcome this year.

“I am satisfied with the outcome of the event despite the many challenges we faced…” Andre Jn. Baptiste, vice chairman of the Vieux-Fort Carnival Committee, told this reporter.

Jn. Baptiste, who is also the leader of the band, Two Dayz of Peace, said the police played a big role in ensuring the safety of revelers and spectators.

“The police did a good job. Hats off to the police,” he said.


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    • shut your ass man ! Carnival is bacchanal and bacchanal is carnival for those who don't like it or it's not there thing step aside wait for "Jazz " and let the revelers enjoy them self


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