Vieux-Fort North Youth and Sports Council puts on primary school quiz

Vieux-Fort North Youth and Sports Council puts on primary school quiz
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The Vieux-Fort North Youth and Sports Council is hosting a primary school quiz today at 1 pm at the Vigier Primary School.

In addition to the regular mathematics, science and English categories, the council has added a Creole category to the pool of questions. The Creole category requires students to translate Kwéyòl words and sentences into English.

Participants are grade six students from Belle Vue Combined School, Pierrot Combined School, Grace Combined School and Vigier Primary School.

“The Vieux-Fort North Youth and Sports Council laments the fact that many of our youth seem to be embracing outside western cultures at the expense of our indigenous cultural heritage,” the council said in a news release.

“This trend should be mitigated since it undermines our sense of national pride as Saint Lucians. Also, the council believes that trends of this nature only serve to reduce our Saint Lucian identity.”

As such, the council says it is convinced that all relevant stakeholders such as the Folk Research Centre should take urgent action in order to help preserve our rich indigenous cultural heritage.

It hopes that the quiz, and other future initiatives, will help young people from Vieux-Fort North see the need to appreciate their cultural heritage.

“Also, the council hopes that activities such as its primary school quiz will motivate students to practise the use of our local French dialect. The council intends to make this event an annual activity.”


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