Vieux-Fort Mouvman Ansanm all set for Jazz Finale’

Vieux-Fort Mouvman Ansanm all set for Jazz Finale’
Jab, one of the performers on event's lineup.
Jab, one of the performers on event’s lineup.

PRESS RELEASE –  The organisers of the second annual Jazz Finalé, Vieux-Fort Mouvman Ansanm (VFMA) say they are all set for the event.

Jazz Finalé is the last event on the calendar for the St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2014 and will be hosted on Sunday, May 18, at Pointe Sable in Vieux-Fort.

This open air concert is held on a wide expanse of land close to the beach which lends to an ambience conducive to the hosting of this open air free concert.

From the onset in 2013, Jazz Finalé has and continues to provide the patrons from Vieux-Fort and its environs a jazz event featuring quality performances by seasoned and upcoming artistes in an atmosphere that emphasizes togetherness tolerance and solidarity.

Mouvman Ansamn (VFMA) is proud to continue in the same vein this year by presenting great national acts in diverse art forms such as music, dance and fashion.

Jazz Finalé will stage performers such as:

The Carl Gustave & Monty Alexander Blues Project
Mervyn Wilkinson
Augustin ‘Jab’ Duplessis & Deredee Williams
Alley Cat
AaGee Simpson
A Votre Service
Tropix Band
Gibbs Pierre and the Piaye Dancers
En Vogue Models
The band Kontenz

Jazz Finalé is an open-air, free concert endorsed and supported by the St. Lucia Tourist Board and will be staged on Sunday, May 18 at 2 p.m.


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