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Vieux Fort minibus drivers concerned about reckless driving

By Kingsley Emmanuel

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Vieux-Fort-Laborie Highway

(SNO) – Minibus drivers in Vieux-Fort, whose bus stands are located along the Vieux-Fort-Laborie Highway, are calling for more police presence at their stands to stop the reckless driving that is taking place along the highway.

On numerous occasions, drivers and riders, especially those of private vehicles and motorcycles, travel along the highway near the bus stands at break-neck speed.

Due to the speed at which they travel along the highway, where seven bus stands are located, pedestrians are sometimes forced to dash off the road in order to avoid being killed.


Police officers attached to the Vieux-Fort Police Station say they are aware of the problem.

Over the years, there has been a number of vehicular accidents along the highway near the bus stands, but none has been fatal.

Earoly Carasco, a minibus driver of Choiseul, said: “We need more police presence on our bus stands. Some drivers, especially those of private vehicles, have no regards for other road users.” He added that the police need to take serious action to put an end to the problem.

Alvin Prince, a minibus driver who plies the Augier route, said in addition to more police presence, there needs to be a speed bump along the highway near the bus stands.

Arthur Isaac, another minibus driver who plies the Saltibus route, said the situation is of much concern to him. He added that some drivers and riders travel along the highway as if the road belongs to them.

The problem is compounded by the non-function of a traffic light near the stands.

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  2. Many years ago St Lucia adopted a defensive driving system. Is it still in effect? In all honesty, drivers, seem to be competing on the roads with each other, putting the lives of pedestrians, passengers and their own lives at risk. People need to let go of the selfishness and take the lives of each other into consideration. We live in too small a country for us to have so many lives lost because of the selfishness and negligence. I think all motorists should reconsider their conduct on the roads. Give some thought to the repercussions of their recklessness. After all, it's not worth losing your life or taking the lives of others just because you're trying to make a living.

  3. This is indeed a serious problem which is compounded by the faulty traffic lights (down for over a year). I have seen an elderly man knocked down right there. Also the drivers stop far away from the crossing which is even more dangerous especially when the kids have to cross the street to go to the school. So bus drivers, it starts with you!

  4. 1. Random stopping in the middle of the main town roads to pick up or drop off passengers while blocking other traffic is also irresponsible.
    2. Moving the bus shelter to the airport side of the road would be more beneficial in addition to just speed bumps
    3. Most of the bus drivers DO NOT respect the importance of pedestrian CROSS-WALKS at all

  5. To me coming from you'll it has no credibility

  6. These VF minibus drivers have heart wee....y'all are the worst on the road and coming and pass the buck. Sot la epi mahjee sa la.

    • They did not say the 2h route. They are talking about thr bus stop near the traffic light where the grace, augier and other bus stops.The 2H is on new dock road get it right and yes I agree with them 100%

  7. Y'all bus divers are the biggest problem ,first of all y'all do not stop before the pedestrian cross which should be,y'all stop after it so where do y'all except people to pass "not to smart bus drivers"and y'all are the ones who think the road is y'all own.

  8. Lucian drivers on a whole

  9. Vfort bus drivers are the worse set of bus drivers.

  10. Zot ki ple reckless huh chew zot

  11. Maybe those other drivers doing what they see you'll doing, charity begins home, cause when it comes to reckless driving and unprofessional behavior, you guys are number one culprit.


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