Vieux Fort media operator recovered some stolen items; denies plan to use “voodoo”

Vieux Fort media operator recovered some stolen items; denies plan to use “voodoo”
Vitus Peters
Vitus Peters

(SNO) – Journalist and Managing Director of Great Vision Designs TV, Vitus Peters, has confirmed that he has recovered some of the items stolen from his vehicle on Monday, June 18, 2018 by two males, who were caught on security cameras.

The media man’s blue and grey Pajero was parked on Clarke Street, Vieux Fort when two males stole the items. The incident occurred around 3 a.m.

Peters had given the thieves seven days, from the date of the crime, to return all his items or risk having their faces exposed to the public and the police, as well as prosecution. He had said the video footage shows their faces clearly and he will not hesitate in publishing it, if all his items are not returned.

He told St. Lucia News Online on Sunday that he received a call from the police last Thursday (June 21) with some good news.

According to Peters, the lawmen told him that someone called the police station to inform them that items fitting the description of the stolen properties are on the Pierrot bus stand.

The items included power supplies for a camera, the media man’s work ID, some documents, and one of the wireless transmitters.
However, Peters said there are still some outstanding items and he is therefore “pleading” to the two young males to return them because they’re putting an “entire company in jeopardy”  and a company “that has nothing as yet”.

“We are still struggling to get off the ground,” he said.

“We need the equipment so that we can work,” he added. “At the end of the day there is nothing that you can do with these equipment… just return it.”

He pointed out that the seven-day deadline he gave the culprits to return his stolen items is about to expire.

“The seven days actually end today,” he pointed out. “I am still pleading for them to return my stuff. Whatever happens after this is, is on your own conscience.”

Peters dismissed rumours that he will be using voodoo (black magic) to ‘harm’ the thieves.

“A number of persons believe that’s what I am doing. It is not voodoo. At the end of the day I was giving the persons seven days to return it and I believe that they will return it in the seven days.”

Peters also reached out to parents who have children with “sticky fingers” – even if the children are in their 30’s.

“Please speak to your children, speak to your friends, your loved ones, because at the end of the day whatever calamity they face they called upon themselves… they do at their own risk,” he said.

On a positive note, Peters said he is very grateful for the feedback so far.

He has expressed thanks to the person who called and identified some of the stolen items, the police, persons who passed on the seven-day deadline message, and persons who are still looking out for him.

“I am urging them one more time, please return my stuff,” he said.


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  1. Do whatever it takes to recover your stuff. If there was some way to have them stand in broad daylight with the items at the same place where they stole the stuff, that would be good so everyone could see them. Maybe that too would deter others.


  2. All these stealing going on right now, how all these thieves came about, am really concerned, but trust me, if the authority can't get my items if stole , there will be more zombies on the streets, it's very heart breaking to lost your hard earned property


  3. 80% of st lucians are ---thieves, they hands long
    st lucians love to steap get things for nothing and they lazy.....


    • Ha Ha you went to school on Sundays so you miss grammar classes....The 80% of St. Lucians you think that are thieves we do not "steap" things we steal things. Please stop your sniffing and drinking so early you truly make no sense,and the 20% left what do they do? I feel your sadness you're been hurt by a Lucian man/woman.


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