Vieux Fort man to stand trial for allegedly beating ex’s lover

Vieux Fort man to stand trial for allegedly beating ex’s lover

A Vieux Fort man who allegedly launched a gruesome attack on his ex-girlfriend’s lover back in 2011 has been committed to stand trial.

Danny Mark, 35, is accused of severing Beliant Joseph’s thumb, cracking his skull and inflicting a number of lacerations to his body during an altercation on December 18, 2011.

Joseph told police that on the day of the incident he was at his Vieux Fort home when Mark showed up accompanied by another man. Joseph said that though he had guests he locked the access door to his kitchen, but that was subsequently broken by Mark who proceeded to attack him with a cutlass.

Joseph was said to have also sustained cuts to his forearm, forehead and right index finger and now has limited mobility in the left arm due to the incident. He claims that Mark was a regular passenger on his minibus and there was no prior conflict between them before the day in question.

It was revealed that Mark’s daughter currently lives with Joseph and her mother.

Mark is presently on bail with some strict conditions. Apart from surrendering his travel documents, he was placed on curfew and can only be out till 8 p.m. This is because Joseph, a bus driver who works late hours, fears for his safety during these times.

Meanwhile in an unrelated matter, Joseph “Marko” Simon will stand trial for allegedly beating and injuring a man with a knife in Castries on October 4, 2011.

It is alleged that Michael Florent, the complainant, was beaten while walking near the CDC Buildings on Jeremie Street, Castries.

Florent was said to have been beaten by four individuals but was only able to identify Simon.

Florent claims that Simon held him at knife point while three other men approached and they all began beating him. He said that though he attempted to run he was unsuccessful. He was later treated for several abrasions including a knife wound. Florent made a report to the police and identified one of his attackers as “Marko.”

A witness also claimed to see Simon running from the scene with a knife in hand shortly after the incident. He was later arrested and charged for wounding.

The date of his trial is undetermined. Simon is currently on bail.


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  1. Now that is where the system fails, are they waiting on a third incident in order to revoke his bail, the criminal code makes provisions that an individual can be denied bail if he is on bail for another offence! They don't take these things seriously. I guess when he kills someone they gonna do what they have to. they put ppl behind bars for all petty stuff an leave the real criminals out


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