Vieux Fort man to be sentenced for killing brother

Vieux Fort man to be sentenced for killing brother

Amos Sexius, who has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, appeared before the High Court earlier today for causing the death of his brother, Wayne Sexius.

Sexius is being represented by Daasreen Green while Prosecutor Stephen Brette appears on behalf of the State.

According to the facts relayed by Brette, on Saturday, August 28, 2010, the deceased and his brother were at a bar in La Ressource, Vieux Fort when the defendant got involved in an altercation with another man and in the process struck the deceased. Despite efforts by the defendant to avoid afford a fight, a quarrel ensued between the two.

Brette said the deceased was the aggressor. The defendant left the area and the deceased pursued him.

The following day, at about 8:20 pm, the two began quarreling again over the previous incident. The deceased was observed to have grab a piece of stick by the road and approach the defendant in an attempt to strike him.

The defendant allegedly went to his home and returned with a piece of iron. They confronted each other, each armed with a weapon while quarrelling. The deceased was said to be behaving aggressively, threatening to  “go and get his gun” to kill the defendant.

Their sister, who was at the scene, reportedly intervened and tried to seperate them. She then took the defedant away from the scene. The defendant indicated that he did not want to fight with the deceased.

About 10 minutes later, the deceased was seen lying on the road bleeding with a piece of stick he had before, next to him. He was bleeding from the left side of his face while vomiting. The defendant called the police and told him that he had a misunderstanding with his brother who attacked him and he hit him with a piece of iron. Two days after the incident, the defendant turned himself in to the police.

The deceased was pronounced dead on September 3, 2010 at Victoria Hospital.

Pathologist Stephen King, who performed the post mortem on the body, said the cause of death was brain damage as a result of a penetratating head injury.

A pre-sentencing report was ordered by Justice Francis Cumberbatch and defense attorney Green requested an adjournment for submission.

The defendant, meanwhile, has been remanded into custody at the Bordelaise Correctional Facility until his sentencing hearing on November 7, 2012.


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