Vieux Fort man missing, vehicle found in remote area

Vieux Fort man missing, vehicle found in remote area

img-20170107-wa0005A search is underway for a single father of two.

David Renee, 46, was last seen on the evening of Wednesday, Jan. 4 at his home in Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort, his sister Lindy Renee told St. Lucia News Online on Saturday.

She said a passerby, a woman who knows him, reported seeing him at his residence around 7 p.m.

Lindy said her brother’s vehicle was discovered by a family friend later that evening “at the back of Public Works in an isolated area”.

She said based on initial checks, she was told that there was nothing strange about the vehicle. Its doors and windows were locked. The police removed the vehicle Thursday afternoon.

Lindy said calls to both his cell phones went straight to voicemail. She said her brother lives alone and checks at home showed nothing amiss.

“Everything is in tact,” she noted.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Lindy said this is a heartbreaking moment for the family who are praying and hoping for his safe return.

“We are having a hard time coping, not knowing the whereabouts of my brother David since his vehicle was found in an isolated area…” she wrote.

Lindy has described her brother as “more or less a church guy” who has never gone missing before.

Police are investigating.


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  1. wow it is truly sad and I mean sad some of the negative comments I see about these heartbreaking situations. speaks a lot about our people in st lucia. who are we to judge ? I reminds all of us even me sometimes that when it hit home we will sing a different song. I know the guy he is a church going god fearing man. I cannot account for his actions but I know no one deserves to disappear like this, im sure we all will agree. so let us hope we could get to the bottom of this sooner than later.


    • Yes it true and it very sad i do not know how i will get over it i just hope his ok only god know to the point now


  2. The positive about this clip. Prayers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the pic, what happens if that's the only one he has. I pray to God he us safe where he is. Who knows frustration, he may just pick up and leave island without telling anybody, now that aspect the immigration department has to come in. Find out whether he travel between that time he went missing.
    Just keep praying. Prayers bring results and positive results too...just keep the FAITH.


  3. Interesting...maybe one of the ppl he took money from without delivering promised work got fed up...


    • bwet kuh-kuh u kno as soon as i read the story, thats the first thing that came to mind....i jus didnt want to be the one to say it out loud but i kno its one of his characteistics in trade...


  4. Anonymous please shut your trap man. You are guys are ridiculously insane. What difference does it make you make me sick idiot. Loved ones are in pain now and that's the best you can do just get the hell off this site jackass


  5. Is that the best pic they could have used? It looks like an obituary pic like he is dead already smh


    • What's wrong with the pic? It is very clear and a good image of the man we know. Please keep the negativity away and please let SNO, the police or the family know if you see him. People are hurting here and this is your comment?


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