Vieux Fort man dies after being shot in the head

Vieux Fort man dies after being shot in the head
Stephen Octave

Police have confirmed that a Vieux Fort man who was shot with a spear gun late last month has died.

Stephen Octave, 25, succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday evening (July 3), police said.

According to reports, Octave was shot in the head on June 30 in Bruceville, Vieux Fort by a male suspect.

One individual was held in police custody in connection with the incident. It is not clear if the individual has been charged.



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  1. Saint Lucians be warned. Before people would go to gardair to do you things if they did not lile you or were jealous of you. That is not the main way to get things done. Your food can be poisoned on the job. Your tank water can be laced. Your children attacked. Beware. These things are happening here.


  2. Maybe at last the mother will get out of there. Afterall she is not from Shanty Town. But she acts like she owns the place. Thinks she is above other people because her kids are doing well. She is hogging all the land as if other people don't need a spot.


    • Ok so that why My Brother that is doing well got killed??? So that is your reason for My Brother getting killed??? Lady or Auntie man or what ever female You are. You do don't even know!!! So just start thanking God from now OK

      PS. That is the way COWARDS kill people for no reason and I Guarantee you after the spear shot to My Brother's head, if My Brother hadn't been in shock and run away, there would be no COWARD for police to look for and bring to Jail.


    • that’s fucked up .. the lady just lost her son u talking about other things that aren’t important atm. This is what’s wrong with fucking lucians


    • You self not seeing u looking like an ass for posting that shate. Now it's clear that you and the community are jealous of this family's progress and url want to stop it but yourl can't stop it. Url damn fault url retarded asses don't want to move forward...chooops


    • That's Ridiculous. So because her kids are prospering and doing well that's a reason to kill her son. Smh no common sense.


    • With all whats happening in the world you still want a spot and aspire to live in Shanty Town? I am not saying its a bad place but I just though that maybe you could aspire to something better. Sorry for the abuse of politicians who have made it look like, and led you to believe that owning a spot in a ghetto was a prestigious and significant accomplishment.


  3. Semi-educated and the uneducated find themselves holding guns, and others, nursing gun-shot wound. Some of these are well on their way to their God of Quick Money and Wealth. To all these scumbags, RIP. Return If Possible!


  4. Stop blaming the government for people being killed dumbass, that is why this country isn't going anywhere, you all blame the government whiles some of your family members are engaged in the same reckless behavior


    • I freaking agree my dear, they are well aware of the person's who do it those in their families that commit and they blame the government.


  5. Ha we are safe in St Lucia, Kenny could not do it, now Chastanet doing it. Chas you right to get them killed because there will be no money at NIC for them , the money is given to foreigners. Let the 43% of idiots defend you.


    • Ridiculous, blame chas while some of you all families engage in the same reckless behavior.


      • it like yestarday we met bro you girl eh hear the news yet qnd ima be heart broken when i have to tell her


        • Woye! Saint Lucians have no standards. They speak both broken English and broken patois. He-he-he.

          Bon Dieu! What is that! We are creating countrybookies by the minute.


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