Vieux Fort homicide victim “was such a good person”

Vieux Fort homicide victim “was such a good person”

Saint Lucia’s latest homicide has been described by persons who knew the victim as another senseless killing.

“Oh Lord what a waste of a human being, to shoot the guy for what?” one person wrote on Facebook. “Lawrence was such a good person. Only a coward would do something like this… so upset right now…rip my friend.”

Lawrence Marcellin, 50, alias ‘Short Man’ was shot in the vicinity of S&S in Vieux Fort town around 6 p.m. Saturday. It is alleged, according to a relative, that he was transporting monies from one business to another when he was robbed and shot. This information not been officially confirmed as yet,

“He didn’t deserve to die like that. What did he do? It hurts,” one person told our newsroom via social media.

A video on social media shows Marcellin rolling over and bleeding as persons argue over getting him medical help, with some taking photos and video footage. He was reportedly transported via ambulance to hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Homicide victim in Vieux Fort

Relatives and onlookers believe that someone could have assisted him before the ambulance arrived.

“It’s a shame people there arguing and taking photos and not helping the man. He could have been saved,” one person, who claimed to have been at the scene, told St. Lucia News Online.

A relative told St. Lucia News Online that Marcellin celebrated his 50th birthday in July this year.

The relative said he was originally from Choiseul but lived in Vieux Fort for over 20 years. At the time of his death, he was employed with Shernell’s Pizza Parlour where he carried out various duties including security and handyman jobs, the relative said.


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  1. Misty shut up. Just pay chou la gor gor. See if anything happens to you or your family if they gonna pay the hospital bill for u. Stop being a perfectic excuse of a kiss ass. Have u not seen people don't leave their jobs through manipulation. Even if shernells treated him well I'm sure they are some sort of manipulative pie holes. Misty just pay chou epi wer pou kouy, bwar bwar mouton


  2. Misty shut up. Just pay chou lar... Got gor. Stop defending shernells and instead be sorry. The people are right. You guys are nothing but a perfectic excuse of a business who definitely uses people. Have u not seen persons being used and same time manipulated so they end up not having a choice? Just shut the f**** up and go clean your bloody concience.


  3. This is a sad reflection of our "pas moi" society today, someone could have applied pressure to the wounds, held him and offered comfort, even if he was dying hearing is the last thing to go, so a few comforting words could have made all the difference to him. Yet a vast majority stand there and try and film and mock and even laugh ( I have been around when 3 people have passed from violence and seen this happen) I also know someone that was shot 5 times and survived, we are fast becoming lower than animals, animals only kill out of necessity, humans kill for greed and gain. I send love to the family and hope they can find some peace. What an awful world we live in. So very, very sad.


  4. What have we become in this land?
    It has become more important for persons to get a photo or cider footage to shear with friends rather than landing a helping hand to a dying citizen. We should be ashame of such reports, each person wants to be the first to shear the story so they can bist it
    People are dying and they spread it like entrainment while family members of the victims are heart broken, so their heart breaking stories have become a source of laughter and entrainment for many. Wow St lucians this is human lives and some of them happen to be very good persons. When will we stop? Is it when one of those stories hit home for us
    Try to save a life my people for the life you save might just be your own.


  5. This man was like a slave, no rest.this business place don't care with staff but themselves. I know that man working everyday every hour.slavery don't exist. Who they think they are,and plus the are very hostile to their staff.m for one,will not recommend,any only to work with them.that women even want to hit ppl.


    • He was like a slave yet you didn't pick him up off the streets when he NEEDED someone to look out for him? He was like a slave, yet you didn't ask his family to claim him? Why didn't HE leave if HE felt that HE was being treated like a slave?

      Do slaves have clothes and gadgets and passes to entertainment activities provided to them PLUS a salary?



  6. But how the hell shernells have an unarmed individual transporting monies from one business to another. That's bullshit. Y the hell they can't pay armed officers to transport their monies like every other business place. C how them business owner don't care bout the safety of their employees. Y didn't they go transport their money on their own n put their lives at risk. Url workers need to know your rights and worth. Is because they believe their lives are more important than their workers lives they doing that shit. Lucians need to spend more time educating themselves instead of letting them shitty employers take advantage of them. They need to pass a law that unarmed individuals should not transport cash. They making money, have business all over the place n they putting their employees at risk. Fuck it


    • Lawerence was just not an employee of of the business he was the cousin of the people. He has been with the for a very long time. I have been close to that business for times..lawerence was his own boss did his own thing . The staff and owners treated him just like their own. Gently but of course he never loses and Argument. I would sometime sit with him and we would argue about any and everything. He was indeed take care of. Cricket was his thing . So please know of someone before bashing them.


  7. See this here. The life of an innocent man was taken whilst fulfilling his duties as an employee and yet Mary Francis says nothing, if that criminal were shot and killed by a CCW or an officer you'd hear her talking about human rights and so on and so forth, this biasness has to end. I'm telling you, right now people will seek to get protection by any means, legal or illegal and I don't blame them because these criminals don't only come to steal, they come to kill and destroy as well. Carry chamered, hot and ready my fellow CCWs.


    • I hope they. Are able to get those responsible for this crime. My prayers are with the family. I I'm going to apply for a licensed fire arm to protect my self..if I try and I'm unable to get it the legal way I'm gonna hv to do what I got to do. I'm concerned about my life and I will do what's necessary to


    • Maybe apply pressure to the wound there have been people in worst situations and they survived .


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