Vieux Fort duo charged for expletive-laced video about Assou Square

By SNO Staff

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Police have charged two men from West Hall Group, Vieux Fort in connection with a Facebook video that was filled with obscene language about Assou Square activities.

Police said Greg Mathurin was charged with using obscene language while David Charles was charged with aiding an abetting Mathurin for allegedly filming the video and egging on Mathurin whose on-camera presentation was laced with expletives.

In the video, Mathuring complained about the quality of the Assou Square activites in the south compared to the Castries edition.

Both men were granted bail when they appeared in court recently and are scheduled to return to court next month.

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  1. Lmfao really, such a waste of time, I really didn't know there's a place in st. Lucia call North. Korea. I just can't stop laughing at this shit. Well I'll tell you one thing I notice in this video is that them guys can express themself better than the commission of police. POLICE go do a real job instead of that cheap shot. 57 murders last year and that's how you'll start 2018. So I expect double the amount this year.

  2. And ubaldus is a minister? If only in principle and being sloppy this man should be relived of his duties and clear his name if he wants. British MPs get sacked for less

  3. Let the police do their work!!!

  4. You'll saint.lucians paying for you'll tongue, dats why we have all these problems and especially crime, let the police do their work and stop talking BS , my opinion is I believe the police is to lenient sometimes, whether is a small offense or not arrest them officers, st.lucians to unruly and indiscipline, want to do anything and no one tell them anything, the police did not make the law, the stupid politicians you'll voting for are the law makers, so LEAVE THE POLICE ALONE.

  5. I’ve said it once and will say it again, st.lucians your regrets and just beginning

  6. This is not the first video i have seen like this from View Fort. There was one last year about the government and the videos seem to be full of anger and frustration which can lead to violence.

  7. How about yall start charging the MURDERERS and RAPSISTS. Time wasters.

  8. Flagrant human rights violation. We have the right to opinion and freedom of expression. It's a violation of article 10. The guys who were arrested should report a human rights violation in this instance, because this may be the start a real suppression of speech. Not too long ago SNO shared an article on a woman in South Africa arrested for calling Mugabe a sick man on twitter, I remember people in the comment section were laughing at how insane and 3rd world Zimbabwe was. Today you're pulling out your phone and reading a similar story except it's happened in st. Lucia.

    • Let's not get ahead of ourselves and start crying violations of human rights.
      No one has said that people are not allowed to express themselves in a public forum.
      There is a way about doing it. It is a criminal offence to use obscene language in public so that's where the contravention lies, not based on the fact that people spoke out.
      Get it right folks

      • The point here is the arrest is farcical more so given the high profile case involving a Minister and the number of people who actively participated in distributing the said content.

  9. So much crime in the country you can’t solve it but hisnis what you wish to waste time to charge people for wtf!
    I wish I was there I’d be cursing the police up myself like really!

  10. But can't charge U BALD US for showing his Dick and have sexual relations inside the government house! Such BULL!!

  11. AA so now people can’t express their opinions, they need to go and investigate that drunk police driving on the streets putting our lives in danger

  12. So many vehicles driving on the road without back lights, so many officers beating their wives and nothing for that. But guys speak against the government get charged.

  13. Smh that's pure nonsense.... What will they charge people for next?

  14. Do the Police have internet cops, as they have traffic cops. Or is that a cover-up by the officer seen driving reckless on facebook, to deflect attention from his insobriety. Granted the video was not in my taste but so are millions of others posted everyday. It's in cyberspace now, so does that mean, if it resurfaces year after year, that they will be charged year after year..If we continue this trend, St Lucia will soon. have to buy the island of Barbuda to use as a prison, to house half of St Lucians. Not only those who post obscene videos, but those who write obscenity as well.

  15. These laws in St. Lucia really need to be upgraded. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. The hardcore criminals the system have to deal with, all the unsolved murders deal with that F---. Because ppl speaking about whats affecting their communities you arresting them. These are some of the things we have to demonstrate and stand up for. St. Lucia system is backward. I love my country but honestly they need to do better. Justice system SUCKS.

  16. ........and in other news murders and rapes in St Lucia goes unsolved, but law enforcement officials and political leaders assures us their is a reduction in crimes.

    • Shame shame and great shame on you all for those ignorant and useless comments. I don't believe any of u are St.Lucians.
      The police is trying to address rampant lawlessness in this country so KEEP SHUT if u don't want to be part of the process.
      You law breakers, your turn will be next- watch out.
      Whatever u reply will only show how very ignorant u are.

  17. SMH...So what about the incident at Balata...4 months ago on facebook..with a lawyer attacking and threatening a citizen..Up to now Babonneau police can't arrest anyone..So as they are Rasta..They have no rights..I thought Vincie was bad...Continue oppressing the poor man!!!

  18. The police eh have work to do? Freedom of speech...where is it.


  20. -- the system ! since when freedom of speech is against the law

  21. what happen to these A-hole politicians. You`ll arrest de fellas fuh dat.

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