Businessman shot, robbed

Businessman shot, robbed


Police are investigating a robbery that happened on Saturday, October 8 in La Resource, Vieux Fort in which a businessman was shot.

According to reports, 53-year-old Clifton Mathurin, the owner of Connections Bar sustained a gunshot wound to his right arm during the robbery.

Mathurin told the police that around 10:45.p.m. that day, two masked men entered his business establishment with firearms and demanded money.

Although Mathurin tried to stop them, the bandits still managed to grab $300.

The businessman was taken to St Jude Hospital for treatment.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. Rapist and murderers running a mock in our country. It's time the Po-Po start putting down some bodies! Real Talk!


  2. The police officials need to put those bastards face on line for the whole world to see their faces. St lucia has become very outrageous with robbing and RAPING women. The government sucks with their strategies , find new ideas and ways to deal with these culprits


  3. Maisay stop playing hero! I not putting up a fight for any amount of money or material thing. Those who run away live to fight another day!


  4. Wow looks like every village in St Lucia have their own hood rats smh sad people pray more too dangerous too much guns CRAZYYYYY


    • The truth is... as much as there are many illegal firearms, some of them serve good purpose when the police aren't able to assist. It's sad that persons use them for the wrong reason.


    • Why is the lady getting all the publicity. Where is the rapist. You not hearing or seeing him. St. Lucians need to see who they are. All now his picture should be posted all over St. Lucia. St. Lucians need to know who the criminals are not the victims. The criminals are being concealed too much and go free that's why they always feel that they can go free.

      What that one thought others do it and escape so it would be the same for him. They should make a living example of him. Flog his behind on the square. Too wicked and life time imprisonment.

      We need to lift Jesus higher and higher in this land and the whole world on the whole. What better life can we have but one with the Lord. We need to experience it to know it. When you give God everything you just trust him and whatever the outcome you know he will make you a happy and victorious person in this life. Don't let satan fool you at the end you will become a victim of unfortunate circumstances. No matter how bright things may look, no matter how much you feel that
      God is taking time to unfold your wishes, that's a trick of the enemy.

      People need to go on their knees ask God for forgiveness and surrender their lives to him and try hard to serve him faithfully, because it's not easy you will need his strength to do it, but your reward will be great both on earth and heaven and remember WE DO NOT NEED ALOT TO BE HAPPY our peace of mind is the NUMBER 1 and Love is the key so do whatever it takes. Love


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