Vieux-Fort business community meeting set for Wednesday

Press Release

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The Vieux-fort Business Community has organized its second Southern Business Symposium scheduled for Wednesday, 11th February, 2015 at the Vieux-fort National Skills Development Centre Building from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

The Symposium was first held in 2013 and provided a forum for business owners in the South to hear from our District Representative and Prime Minister as well as other facilitators, with regards to plans and existing programs geared at developing the Southern region of Saint Lucia.

This year, the forum will be addressed by the District Rep and Prime minister of Saint Lucia Honorable Kenny D. Anthony, as well Honorable Minister Emma Hippolyte, Minister for Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs, Mr. Vincent Hippolyte, CEO of the Water and Sewage Company Inc, Mr. McHale Andrew, CEO of Invest Saint Lucia and Mr. Keigan Cox, CEO of Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority.

The focus of each of the facilitators will be to present to the business community initiatives identified by their specific organizations that will enable business development and create opportunity for new investment. The event has been made possible through donations by members of the corporate community.

Persons who operate business in the southern region of the island are invited to register for this event. The organizers expect great participation from the attendees to foster a healthy discussion on the way forward for our community.

Please contact Kristin Tobierre at [email protected]/ 758-454-3296/ 758-712-8879 to register one representative from your organization for this event. Please be aware that seating is limited.

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  1. what exactly is there to gain from all tht talk, only a select few in vieux fort gain from anything tht is there, and the young ppl actually "scrant" for a job. im a young person from vieux fort and evry day I have to travel to gros islet to work cuz the only jobs vieux fort have is to be a store clerk or a security guard with a veru small pay check, when you do try to open a small business in vieux fort you get blocked by the so called big fishes cuz they don't want competition, Mr Prime minister this is your constituency make something happen and stop all the talking talking talking!!

  2. Did the 2013 meeting archieved anything ? Only True Value in Vieux Fort profiting from them meetings. I wonder why ?

  3. I hope this is not another talk shop. Action speaks louder than words. We need to see the enabeling environment to create employment for the many young people in the South.

  4. Yes!Come and lie to Vieux Fortians as you all have been doing, Come and tell us that a shipping company from Guyana will be coming to do business at port Vieux Fort. Come and tell us how we will not have a shortage of water every time it rains in the South.Bunch of liers and you all will only do that in Vieux Fort.


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