‘Trip, trip!’ — Fights galore in St. Lucia (videos)

‘Trip, trip!’ — Fights galore in St. Lucia (videos)

(St. Lucia News Online) — At least one female was arrested as a result of a fight in Castries on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, according to a law enforcement source.

A number of amateur videos of fights among citizens were posted on social media and sent to our newsroom.

The videos also include clashes between civilians and the police.

The circumstances surrounding the incidents in the videos received by our newsroom were not immediately clear.

Below are several videos sent to our newsroom.

The first two show clear issues between civilians and the police. The audio for these two videos was removed because they contained expletives.

Below are four videos in which two females fight before others joined in. In the last clip, one of the females appears to have been arrested.

Another fight between two women



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  1. Wow ! At such a time as this we still have no love , respect and pride in ourselves . Shame on our women and our youth . And someone will tell me that we are ok here in Saint Lucia ? Only God ! He knows that we need Him more than ever !! More prayers .


  2. These st Luciana sick my stomach before they go inside and hide themselves from coronavirus they just distributing themselves like that and all those that jumping and laughing like you all on break time in school go home and stay in all you children a bunch of nonsense people look back on how you all behaving and it look like you all live in one big yard it look so ugly and u all don't respect those police people shame on you


  3. I really don't understand the video with the girls fighting cuz the girls who are really fighting and the police attending to someone else off camera...boggling!


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