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Videos reveal moments before, during, and after shooting in Gros Islet

By SNO Staff

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The arrow points to Ronnie Samuel, dressed in full black, moments before he shot two people and was himself fatally shot by the police.

(SNO) – Videos have emerged of the incident that led to a shooting in the town of Gros Islet on Emancipation Day (Wednesday, August 1, 2018) that left one dead and two injured

Ronnie Samuel, who was believed to be in his 20s, was fatally shot by the police after he opened fire in the crowd, hitting two other males, Nicholas Montoute of Dauphin Street, Gros Islet and Randy Cherubin of Church Street, Gros Islet. Both victims were reportedly released from hospital the same day.

The incident occurred around shortly before 7 a.m. during J’Ouvert on the streets of Gros Islet town.

A .25 pistol, believed to have been used by the deceased gunman, whose mother is ironically a cop, was retrieved by the lawmen.

One of the videos (see below) show Samuel, dressed in all black and sporting a plaited hairstyle, revelling with scores of people, near a band/truck, moments before the altercation with several males, and the shooting.

The second video (below) shows in slow motion the brief scuffle with Samuel and several males prior to the shots being fired.

The third video shows the aftermath of the shooting with one of the victims on the ground, surrounding by scores of people, including police officers.


A number of persons claiming to be eyewitnesses have commented on the incident via social media. Here are two unedited comments:

“I was a couple of feet away from the incident and what happened Was, the one the police shot and killed actually was revelling at the jou’ vert like everyone else with his pistol in his back pocket. The ones who engaged tried to take Or maybe steal that pistol off of him rather than alert the cops who were just a few feet away. Their plan was unsuccessful. The ones who got shot were innocent and was not involved in the incident. Why come to a public activity with a gun on u? Especially with the number of officers on the job…..and then use it in their presence and thought u were gonna escape after committing such acts of atrocities/terror. I saw on the news that he was a skillful boxer, but don’t they teach discipline in that sport? And if ur so good with ur hands, why do u feel u needed to carry a firearm to a jou’ vert jump up? Smh. That boy made some poor choices with his life and paid a hefty price for it. It’s sad to hear someone with his potential went out like that…..”

“Only wrong i gave him was walking with a damn gun, five idiots tried to rob him, while enjoying himself, i saw this with my very own eyes, dont speak what y’all dont know! And to the mom, it is very sad, that one of ur own took out ur son, stay strong, no matter how a son is, a mother will feel it, accept my sympathy, as a mother u tried.”

A sports official said the slain gunman was a “talented” sportsman. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS REPORT

The arrow points to Ronnie Samuel, dressed in full black, moments before he shot two people and was himself fatally shot by the police.

Aftermath of the shooting.

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  1. Roni had a lot of people that didn't like him so yes he walks with his gun for protection but those grow islet fellas like to rob people too much people free to go were they want n have fun I give roni rong for walking with the gun but those robbers should b in jail for robbery n the boy had surrender with no gun n yet still the police rest his gun to his neck n shoot him n left him to die so the police should b charged for murder or else me roni mother I'm shooting ur ass back straight

  2. Victim of Robbery

    While I am not crying for the deceased. Something NEEDS to be done about these DEAD BEATS in Gros Islet who keep robbing people and breaking into their vehicles especially on a Friday night.

    Gros Islet Town Council I am warning you all!
    MP for Gros Islet (Spider) I am warning you too!
    These goons will ruin Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party. Do something about all those idle young men.

    Nothing is our business until it reaches crisis.

  3. Them Gros islet mun hungry set of dogs they should hunt each and everyone one of you'll Ronnie should've really put one of you'll down before he go

  4. I feel sorry for Ronnie but at the end of the day he made his bed so no one else could have laid down on it but him. He loved his gun and he loved bursting shots that was his thing and he died doing what he loved which was all wrong in my books. Now to the meat of the matter those guys who are robbing people every jouvert at Gros Islet and robbing people on a whole up there. I'm not lying about it because there have been numerous shootings over the years for guys defending their own after being robbed by these vey neg. The authorities need to put a stop to it before it gets even worse than what just happened to Ronnie. In my opinion there are way too many VEY NEG in St.Lucia and the thing that gets me is the age group and also the fact that they don't see nothing wrong in being a freaking VEY NEG. These guys acting like being a VEY NEG is something so glamorous and profitable. They don't want to work just sit down on a block whole day and when they see you with what you have worked hard for they want to rob you. FOOLS how long can you'll go on living that way? How much can it profit you? If it's not your car, it's your house, it's your money or cell and even your chains. What the hell are you'll living for? Ronnie was also part of this lifestyle because if he wasn't he wouldn't have been out with his gun or even bursting shots that some many people have already witnessed. Man I'm tired of these young fools. I wish we can take them all out and let law abiding people live free in this place cause we ain't living free now with these fools and their actions. And the thing that's scary it is spreading throughout the Island: (North, South, East and West). The younger ones that are growing up don't even look up to doctors or lawyers no more they look up to the VEY NEG and want to be like them, whether it's the dress code , the talk or behaviour.

  5. So the police did see the video to see the guys who trying to rob the yute. They too should be shot. Anyways how smart can you be to come to a jourvert far from your hood with a gun in your back pocket? You have war with people? If you a bad man what u doing jumping jourvert? SMH. the only bad part in this whole scenario is the guys who tried to steal the gun remain free to try steal again.

  6. Bunch of vey negs.No sorrow for none,WHO VEX LOSE!!

  7. common sense says the legal system needs a full makeover

    The 5 people who tried to rob him should all be charged with his murder. The police shooting was a direct result of their actions. But of course this is slu so they'll be back robbing people at gros-islet friday night next weekend like nothing happened just a few days before.


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