Videos of student being bullied in Saint Lucia go viral

Videos of student being bullied in Saint Lucia go viral
A bullying incident on a school bus in Saint Lucia about a month ago.

Videos of a male student being bullied by another male student on a moving bus have surfaced on social media. And many viewers have — not surprisingly — responded with disgust. (SEE VIDEOS BELOW STORY)

The students are reportedly from a prominent all-boys school in Saint Lucia.

In one of the videos, the victim asks: “What did I do to you?” and “What I do you?” as the bully, who looks much older, orders him to sit down, then punches and chokes him.

None of the other students intervened.

One of the many persons who saw the video wrote on Facebook: “…. what a shame. I hope this kid’s parents take legal action against the child and the driver of this bus.”

Another said: “These college boys, then his mum will say he’s a good boy.”

Other persons questioned why the bus driver did not intervene.

A viewer told St. Lucia News Online that something needs to be done about the incident.


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  1. The lesson we should have learned from Botham's brother today was that love and empathy is the only cure. The Bully is not a bully by accident, he needs help. I only hope we can offer him the help he needs within our current school system.


  2. OMG. This is ridiculous. Everyone is just sitting there not doing anything about it. that boy doesn't have any friends on the bus. everyone on the bus should be held accountable if anything major happens to this poor child.


  3. the children are the same age and they were fighting because one had kiss the other ones girlfriend


  4. The bully should be charged with attempted murder. What if not on the bus with no cameras to film the actions of this bad child


  5. Disgustet at the videos they hve circulating,aa if seems thats his child for him slap him up n to even order the smaller one to the back seat and hear him talk about commiting suicide, why did the bully open up on the window? I feared he wouldve pushed the boy out now that sould have been something different...I hope this is taken up with full Effect.


  6. typical kids today - these habits and actions are supported by their parents. Thanks to abolished of corporal punishment in school. Government go seek loan to expand borderlay.
    MOE+careless parents=criminal country.


  7. I hope that legal action is taken against the bully, the bus driver and the students video taping and laughing. It's ashame that this has happened especially coming from SMC and even worst that a whole coaster of students and no one stood up for that little boy??.I was my lil brother smh ?shots for mate after I gut him and chot his hands off


    • The video is good. Let the world know what is happening. Those whours don't want video just want to hide dirty secrets


  8. DISMISSAL for the bully. Suspension for all the students who were witnesses and never cared. The driver should be fired immediately. School authorities should treat this matter seriously otherwise these kids would treat this as normal.


  9. This unruly young man need to be expelled from the school. He is out of order. Maybe he sees his parents fighting with one another. Child go and bloody learn manners.


  10. That little punk needs a good azz whooping by the young mans older brother if he has any, trust me some street justice would force him to respect others till he die. He's a coward he picks on the weak ones or may be the little one is smarter than him. Bus driver were you afraid of an azz whopping also you bloody coward and moron I hope you have no children remember karma is a mother 4ker.


    • I agree this is outrageous, you can see the evil in his face, don’t worry every dog has his day.


  11. That’s the reason why I send my children to judo classes from age 5 and 7 they 14 and 22 now to bully the bullies..


  12. This very disturbing, I hope the child's parents/guardians take legal action against the school, bus driver and the bully's parents. This is just totally unacceptable. As a mother it grieves my heart to see such. I hope swift and severe action is taken.


  13. This video is disgusting. I hope he is identified and suspended by his high school. You can clearly hear the victim saying " what did I do to you" As a parent, I get really upset at this behavior. I hope the victim's mother/father goes to the school to make an official report.


  14. Say thank God it is it was not it would continue.sometimes that the way we get justice.keep on filming


    • This is unacceptable, this older man needs to be expelled from the school. Bloody out of order. He probably see his father fighting his mother, hence the reason for his behaviour. I think the school principal needs to take that on board seriously.


      • Can this older man come in the public eyes to apologise for his behaviour. Can you imagine if this young man that this dirty bully was bullying come up to him and beat him up, then it will turn out that's taking advantage. Boys or girls respect one and other.

        Principal you need to expel this rude fool.i am a mum and I would not tolerate any one doing this to my son under no conditions.


  15. Disgusting, makes the school look bad, I see on some social media sites that people are already making excuses for this,"he has anger issues" ridiculous, the guy is a bully, no one tried to stop it, the phones came out and videoed it and then what? The school needs to see this and act accordingly, the parent or parents should also punish the sad little boy that is doing this, before it gets worse and he is another teenage death on our streets. So very sad. I would make the kid stand up and make a video saying sorry and post it across every social media site I could find. Make him feel bad and humiliate him.


  16. Wow!!!! I hope this Angry bird is expelled from school... how dare you treat someone child like this, you don't belong in a school you belong in an institution with boys like you, you deserve a good low low bef boy if that was my son everyday I see you you paying for it..... but I applaud this young man for exercising self control..... but son sometimes you have to defend yourself ?‍♀️


  17. I had to take my child out of college for this same bullying. And all the nasty children lied and said he made up stories. I'm happy this is public. And on this exact bus. My son saw all kinds of things. I'm disgusted.


    • Sometimes social media help us to prevent situations like this..... thanks to that video that was posted on that social media the incident was known....


      • This unruly young man need to be expelled from the school. He is out of order. Maybe he sees his parents fighting with one another. Child go and bloody learn manners.


    • Getting expelled does not remedy the situation at all... to be honest it’s the exact opposite of fixing the young man... smh. I hope they give it the attention it needs without sending him down a road of ignorance


      • I hope he gets the proper punishment. One that will make him think twice b4 bullying. As for the child that's been bullied i hope the video reaches their eyes and they take action


        • If you see it was my son he done that to he would vanish. it's time that these shit stop. Children going to school in fear if these little idiots. I hope he get some kind of punishment.