Videos: Man who attacked Castries family arrested again after disturbance at school

Videos: Man who attacked Castries family arrested again after disturbance at school

(SNO) – A young man who was on Monday apprehended by residents after he attacked a family in Agard, Morne Du Don, Castries is back in police custody after he reportedly caused a disturbance at a city infant/primary school.

Details are sketchy at this time, but our newsroom has received three video clips, one of which shows several men, believed to be plain-clothes police officers, picking up the young man and placing him in the tray of pickup van.

In the other videos, his hands and feet are bound as he talks to other persons, believed to be teachers, at the school.

In one of the videos, it is being said that the young man attacked a female student by stepping on her hands and “threw her”. SEE TWO MORE VIDEOS BELOW

On Monday, Feb. 11, around 6:30 a.m., the same young man reportedly approached a man who had his eight-month-old baby in the car, and demanded that the man hand over his car and the baby. The man was then attacked when he refused.  CLICK TO SEE ORIGINAL STORY

It was further reported that the man’s wife came to his aid, as well as other residents.

The culprit was then tied up and placed in the tray of a pick-up van and brought to the Wellness Centre, then to the police station.

In an exclusive interview, the wife told our newsroom that she did not press charges against the young man because it was clear he is of unsound mind. Despite this, police told her they will keep him in police custody as well as bring him for medical treatment.

However, according to sources, the young man was reportedly released from police custody sometime between last night and this morning.

He is now back in police custody after he allegedly attacked students at a school in Castries.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.


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  1. everyone is somebody's child. each time i see such sadness i always feel sorry for both the person doing the crime and the victims. no one gives birth and kisses a child as a baby to think of their kids ending up murderers, mentally unstable people, drug addicts, prostitutes etc. if we all look at it with love and sympathy, helping each other to the best of our abilities without judging, and the government puts a better social system, education system and security system in place, we will be such a better island.


  2. I feel sorry for this young man. Tying him up will not solve the problem. Fact is, he needs help. And to his ex-girlfriend; he needs to see his child. She needs to know him and he needs to know the child too. he should not have to put himself in danger like this trying to see her. God bless and I hope things do turn better for this young man and whatever hold on his mind is broken forever. Jesus healed the sick even those that society had given up on. so please recall this.


  3. Wow…this young man truly need some psychological help. On a lighter side of things, its high time that cops get better means of transportation when performing their duties in transporting people around. The back of a truck think looks so inhumane. This is like throwing a sack of potatoes, or trash it just looks so bad. Sorry I just feel it’s not looking good for this day and age. thank you


  4. Everyone talking and giving advice on let him see his daughter...just put the mother in blast....Why keep it a secret when you all know where he from or been with whoever.. when something drastic happens to him then yall will tag ppl in and say yall know the family...2 face ppl.


  5. He was fine until his ex decided to keep his child from him. That girl don't know what she doing. She broke his heart. He need to get help and then when he gets better he need to see his baby.


  6. Mmm this is what happens when yall kill.... Steal... Rape... And persons never find yall! Welll ... Now yall have all the "malaydisior"
    Yall paying for yall sins! Keep it up my ppl. This is exactly how all of yall criminals will end up.
    The amt of times you threaten to kill people in town already!
    Where ur brother now to help you? The sane brother you have in cornway u always telling ppl u will make him shoot them
    Look at you!


  7. This young man needs help. Where are his parents, if any? he is in danger to himself
    and to others. The authorities should detain him at some facility, have him evaluated
    for obviously some mental disorder, but most of all, keep him off the streets, and the
    neighborhood for I fear that in the St.Lucia of today, his life is in danger. Where are
    the Churches, the do-gooders, counsellors, none to be found when needed; what a pity.


    • Why don't you offer to help him instead of blaming others! What good deeds have you done recently without expecting something in return?



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