Young man accused of physically assaulting female student is severely beaten in Castries

Young man accused of physically assaulting female student is severely beaten in Castries

Videos have surfaced of a young man being severely beaten by a number of people, including two female students, in Castries city.

Our newsroom is unable to confirm the date the videos were recorded however reports suggest that the incident may have occurred last week, on an evening, at an intersection of Brazil Street. It is not clear if the authorities are aware of the incident.

It is alleged that the young man, who is believed to be of unsound mind, had been accused of attacking females randomly.

He is alleged to have physically assaulted a schoolgirl, and that it was her relatives/friends who came to her aid and started to beat him.

She too later joined with another student in beating the young man. See the videos below (viewer discretion is advised — the content is graphic and contains expletives):


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  1. * Why don't you never visit Castries on your visit, they say. ( See video provided )*
    One could clearly see that this lad has mental health issues by his behavior. Instead of kicking and abusing him, we as Lucian's should offer help by calling the appropriate authorities. The educating and awareness of mental health issues in our society should start with this young school girl that's doing the kicking to build a better St Lucia. Unless we don't educate the new generation this cycle will only get worst.


  2. Let us beat who beat us. Shoot people who shoot us. Not to mention these mad people just kill them because madness is a curse not a disease. St. Lucians love a la-vat-tie not because they are hurt but because they are violent and the portrait of being the one winning a fight now enjoys godly status in St. Lucia especially in the realm of social media. Go ahead continue to beat, continue to fight.

    If our police don't take this matter of marauding warlike teenagers seriously our country will become lawless, just a matter of time when everyone wants to be a jet li in their own movie.


  3. He is very lucky, his brains could have been bashed to a pulp, fatal enough to kill him and no one would be held accountable because he is of “unsound mind”. Most St Lucians understand that this brash reaction towards “the insane” is justified. After all who does not like a free for all where you can unleash violence on another who “deserves it”, men, boys and girls letting rip on a captive prey. The police will think nothing of mob rule as they are keeping the “insane” in line. There is enough footage to investigate who the culprits are, prosecute them so as to restore humanity in our social dealings with each other. That kind of behaviour should not be tolerated.


  4. I am very sorry to say that citizens should not take matters in their own hand, attacting people,this is a police matter. Why wasn't it reported. If the individual is not of sound mind, or if he is mentally unstable.This family and friends should be charged. I also blame the ministry of health for not providing proper housing for those people,they are all over the streets wondering, there is no care for them at all. Very sad. The man who run after him kicking him in the back, you are wicked. The young lady kicked him also, very disturbing. We never know what can happen in life, sickness is not bought in the store, be humble and kind to all. I hope the police gets involve.


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