VIDEO: Young male shot in Laborie

VIDEO: Young male shot in Laborie

A young male has been hospitalised after sustaining a gunshot wound to the upper region of his right arm on Friday afternoon in an alleged police shooting, March 23, 2018, according to reports.

It was not immediately clear what prompted the shooting.

A video obtained by St. Lucia News Online showed police officers, some in plain-clothes, with one holding a firearm, attending to the shirtless and barefooted youth who was sitting on the ground, groaning and grimacing in pain.

One male could be heard cursing the police for allegedly shooting the youth for no reason: “The man aint do nothing gasa, you shooting the man gasa?”

A woman could also be heard complaining that children were near the area – on a bridge – when the shooting occurred.

Residents argued that the police should be more careful.

The injured youth was transported to hospital in the tray of a marked police vehicle.

His condition was not immediately known.




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  1. "The eh do nothing gasa". Yall should have arrested the person speaking as well. Willing to bet he ain't no saint.


  2. What is this country coming too now a days....police officers to lazy to run after suspect's, so why are they going for training? I just don't understand why these officers can't apprehend some one without shooting them. You are train i suppose to deal with violent or non violent people. I am not supporting criminals or violence but there is a better way to arrest some one with using a fire arm.


    • You were at the scene. Do u have any idea what transpired. It is st Lucian like you’ll that have the country so. You’ll supporting none sense and criminality. Those young boys have the country hostage and it appears nothing positive can be done.


    • Exactly dp, i seeing police everyday, i haven't done anything as well, so why am i not getting shot. De police probably like me


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