VIDEO: Women arrested at strip club appear in court

VIDEO: Women arrested at strip club appear in court

A group of women who were recently arrested at a strip club in the North of the island, made their first court appearance at the First District Court in Castries on Tuesday.

On arriving at the court, the women concealed their faces using their hands and pieces of papers. Some of them expressed concern that the media was present, while others were seen crying.

The foreign female nationals were arrested during an operation at a strip club. They were found without any legal work permits, even though they had been employed with the club.

A majority of the women are citizens of Venezuela and Dominican Republic, it has been reported.

We will provide you with the full details of their court appearance later.


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  1. I do agree, the business owners should be brought to justice, for having the women. its something else when you trying to take care of a family when you cant do it at home


  2. The disgust is not so much of their illegal entry but has much to do with their illegal , immoral, and disgusting activities which they were engaged in that we are not accustomed to. Who wants his/her family to emulate such ?


  3. Maybe the Lambirds could show them around the island when they get out on bail. You know make them feel at home.


  4. The club owner should be arrested not these girls. there are major things police need to focus on they avoiding it...smh


  5. Martinique, Barbados, Canada, America and England just naming a few can say the same thing send the illegal St Lucia back to their County. Some st Lucian think every crime committed in St Lucia is always someone from another country who did it. Thete is always a Donald Trump around @ sad but true.


    • what you're saying right now ain't making no sense..if they're at a strip club and employed there, what you think they doing there? investigating? nah going to assume that they're stripping and prostituting.
      on another note. the owners of the club needs to be arrested also.


  6. Lucia Justice System SUCKS no pun intended.

    Its the owners of the establishments who should be in the press, hiding their faces on the way to court.

    The same Venezuelans who we've gain so much support from over the years...

    Let these ladies be judged on their credentials and skills (:-)


  7. I am rather disappointed in the way we do things down here. Yes these women are wrong for working without a work permit but in the end of the day they were employed by an organization. Now we have them all over the media. How would their friends and family feel? They are just trying to earn a dollar and to prevent more men from hanging themselves. The faces we should be seeing are the persons raping people out there. I wish to see the day when these faces are exposed and believe me things will be way better for our young daughters growing up.


  8. I'm guessing their are no St Lucian living in other countries illegally we must not throw stones in glass houses. The court must fine the owners of the Club


  9. St.Lucian police force needed to solve a crime so hence crime solved, lol, try to solve the rape and murder cases, smdh.


  10. If all illegal St Lucians in the UK, US, Canada and the like were to be spotted and deported, I bet you St Lucia would be over populated..... just saying. I can't complain much because I too have gained from illegal St Lucians residing elsewhere. Cut them some slack.


  11. Where all the mary magdalene commentators asking to "give them a chance", "it was a mistake", "the real crime was being poor", "go get a degree in jail". Where ya'll. choopz


  12. if you really like this, how you want to treat all illegal St.Lucians in USA or Canada?
    I think, long are Illegals stay away from crime we should tolerate this situation.


  13. In other countries like the UK... the owners would be fined large sums of money, often per illegal employee found. Set these examples.


  14. Whats about the many Caribbean illegals we have here?
    Send all Caribbean illegals in St. Lucia back to their islands.


    • OECS nationals (St. Vincent, St. Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia) have the right to live, work or set up business in any of the OECS islands. Caricom nationals - Jamaica, Trinidad, etc. only need a rights of establishment certificate or other minor paperwork. Hence they only took Venezuelan and Dominca Republic strippers. D Jamaicans and Guyanese that are all over the place, are not under any major threat, once they get their paperwork in order.


      • well said st lucians dont know their laws .. they only just speculating and spreading rumors making the story even worst than it already is ...Even if the owners were charges they would not appear the same as the girls becasue the charges would be different so would appear at a different date that common sense


    • Maybe you asking for the same to be done to lucians found in their islands as welll, since migration in them islands go both ways or you asking for lucians products to be boycotted as is being done with trinidadian products right now in jamaica.......xenophobia has no place among these small islands the very nature of our existence depends on us working together and for there to be more movement of people, capital, and is as a team we get the best chance of doing well


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