VIDEO: Woman caught on camera shoplifting in Castries; proprietors have had enough

VIDEO: Woman caught on camera shoplifting in Castries; proprietors have had enough

(SNO) – Enough is enough. The proprietors of Country Fresh Chicken, located on St. Louis Street in Castries, are fed up of losing thousands of dollars every month for the past six years due to shoplifting.

In the latest incident, a woman was caught on camera Thursday (June 21, 2018), just before noon, stealing a packet of lentils, which costs $2.95, and seasoning cubes that costs 45 cents each, according to a representative of the business, who requested to remain anonymous for personal security reasons.

The woman went to the cashier and paid for a can of milk valued at $1.25 but did not pay for the lentils and cubes, which she had earlier placed in her bag, according to the business rep.

“That’s what most of the thieves in town do, they steal stuff then try to throw off the cashier by paying for something. I caught one once who stole a whole box of foil and paid for one roll,” the representative said. “She did not pay for the lentils or the cubes. She paid for a small can of milk. And she’s a regular customer at the shop. Most mornings she comes in so we’re not sure if she has been getting away with it.”

These incidents happen “very often” — like every three or four days, the representative said.

“Most times they wait for busy periods when it’s harder to spot them. Weekends are the worst. On weekends, most times they come in groups, start an argument, and while everyone watching, a couple of the others steal.”

Many will say lentils and a few cubes of spice costs nothing. However, the representative said these ‘small’ thefts add up to “thousands” of dollars in losses to the business.

And the thieves are becoming more brazen and skilled at their craft.

“We caught a guy about two weeks ago who comes in daily to purchase forks, only to find out for every two packets he pays, he pushes another two down his pants.”

Reporting the matter to the police does not really yield much results, the rep. said.

“We did report one of the incidents to them (police) but didn’t get any results.”

The business rep. noted that the thieves are “looking out for each other”.

“My other representative had a long cooking fork pulled on him once after we caught a guy stealing a whole block of cheese which costs $120.”

So do you have security guards?

“We don’t have guards, just people watching out for us. Like the fork thief, it was actually one of the neighbouring store owners that helped us catch him.”

The proprietors hope that by posting this video, it will deter people from shoplifting. They have also installed additional cameras.

“Business owners are losing way too much on a monthly basis because of people like her,” the rep. pointed out.

Country Fresh Chicken has been in operation for about six years now. The business started off as a meat shop then expanded into selling dry goods, cheese, drinks, and other items.


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  1. Once upon a time poverty was widespread and was no shame. People had pride to live within their means. They up-cycled, improvised to get by and were creative with very little. A person’s name and repetition meant everything.

    As a child you were taught not to bring disgrace to the family name. Respect yourself and a petty thief was an abomination because it’s the bottom rung leading to bigger thieving. That did not mean you didn’t trespass on someone’s property to steal their mangoes knocking them from the tree or picking them off the ground. We knew it was stealing and stealing has consequence if your parents found out. You would get a whipping. But it was the thrill, the adventure and excitement we sought, of evading guard dogs and not being caught! As you get older and wiser you discover better ways to get excitements that did not involve stealing.

    Stealing is thrill-seeking. In most cases, it has nothing to do with hunger or poverty. I’m more concerned if she is a mother what example she is setting her child or children - do as I tell you and not as I do!


  2. Some businesses have security officers performing double duty I cannot tell you the number of times I've walked into a store and been asked "can I help you" by security.
    Your job is to secure! That being said..

    What store owners need to do is put up a huge bulletin board, someplace where its sure to be seen, and put up photos of shoplifters. Maybe embarrassment will make them stop.


  3. it's about time st Lucia wakes up and put legislation to use cctv in court as submissable evidence. why are we soooo backward with current times and crime fighting? somebody please start a national debate


    • This is an evidence act that was passed in St Lucia some years ago that allows the use of electronic evidence such as video recording in the courts.


  4. aa i know that woman she just recently had a child some months ago she maybe was stealing to provide for herself and her family. stealing isnt good but at least it was food she stole and not money or jewelry or someone car. it mess up when you hungry e garcon.


  5. Sad

    If I was the owner of the supermarket, I would allow her to work For the day on the super vision.
    The word 's God says ask and it shall be given on to you.


  6. Men need to take care of their kids....Mothers will do whatever it takes for their picni.....dont be too quick to judge doesn't look right but god will forgive her....Who feels it knows!


  7. Stealing is wrong. Whether by big man or small man. Putting a plaster on such behavior is condoning it.


  8. You losing thousands of dollars every month and you don't have a security guard?????????????

    Ok let me help you out here. Based on your comment, it appears that it has not occurred to you that it might be cheaper to hire a security guard. Becuase last time I checked, security guards are not paid "thousands of dollars every month"
    So why don't you hire a security guard? You think you saving money by not increasing your overhead?????

    Sometimes the money we don't want to spend actually causes us to spend or lose more. Just hire a guard or two and you will save yourself thousands of dollars.


      • How on God's green earth did you come up with that conclusion?

        What it is basically saying is if you are losing thousands of dollars due to the actions of thieves you can save all of it if you just hire a security guard or two and it won't cost you thousands to do so.

        SMH. Comprehension I tell you.


  9. This is the signs of time....when a woman can stoop dat low and steal 2 cubes and a packet of lentils....poorjab her picneys mussi hungry..atleast she didnt rob at gunpoint.she actually crying for help but no one answers her not condoning her behavior but this is very time my gurl stand by the road and beg it will cost u less humiliation.


  10. Lol seems like a one pot go cook...on a serious note why are they going all out on the little people trying to survive. A pkt of lentils and couple cube the woman take y'all have to publish that video and all....politicians teething how many millions nothing for that like pep say all we seeing is guy teeth.......Lowe de lady people I go pass by and pay the bill for her
    NB. Not condoning what she did thou.


  11. Madam/Sir u risking your life for the shop owner. Tomorrow the shop owner will not remember the risk u took but kick your butt if your foot slip. Let the owner get a security guard for her shop. She can afford it.


  12. Well. The guy buying forks everyday must be selling food. Oops. He pushing down his pants. Yuck.


  13. St. Lucians will steal any and everything. It starts from top down. I kid you not. Not too long ago, I witnessed two well attired working class women change swap out a label on a promotional item at Super J. Something that essentially costs nothing. Thieves everywhere in this country.


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