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VIDEO: “We dying, it stinks, I can’t sleep” – Dennery and Micoud residents frustrated with seaweed problem

By SNO Staff

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Dennery Village

(SNO) – Residents of Micoud and Dennery are continuing to cry out for help from the authorities concerning the sargassum seaweed invasion.

The stench from the rotten matter has become so unbearable that persons are reporting that they are unable to sleep at nights.

Our newsroom received an aerial video of the Dennery Village shoreline which shows how bad the problem is.

Other Caribbean islands are also experiencing the problem.

As one Dennery resident told us in an email: “The health of our fellow citizens are important; to let the government know we dying, it stinks, that giving people infections. I can’t sleep!”

Sustainable Development Minister and Micoud North MP, Dr. Gale Rigobert told reporters last month that government is trying it’s best to deal with the problem.

“We have held meetings with stakeholders, the Ministry of Fisheries, Agriculture and Fisheries, with which we work very closely; has held community meetings, albeit that they were poorly attended and that is why I want to encourage people to attend public meetings. That is where the information is had. That is where the information is being shared,” the minister stressed.

The minister said thousands of dollars have been spent in tackling the problem, but the government’s resources are limited. She added that she has held meetings with founder of Algas Organics, Yohanan Dujon, whose company processes the seaweed into liquid fertilizer.

“Each time the seaweed comes, we invest $100, 000, and next week, another $100, 000. I don’t know that we have the resources to keep up at that pace, without having a comprehensive fix,” Dr. Rigobert said.

She added: “So after having met with Mr. Dujon, who is working along with IICA (Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture), who is working along with UNDP GEF, who is working along with the …sustainable development and my own parliamentary office, and after having invited from proposals from qualified persons who have expertise in dealing with sargassum, this (would not be last week) Thursday, Prime Minister, Minister for Agriculture, PS for Agriculture and I, and perhaps some other stakeholders, will be combing through the various proposals that we have received with a view to determining which ones are most feasible, pragmatic, and can give us the comprehensive, sustainable fix that we need for this sargassum problem.”

The seaweed invasion is island-wide but Praslin and Micoud appeared to have been the worst hit in recent times. And Rigobert said satellite images of sargassum approaching St. Lucia indicates that the island is expected to get a lot more seaweed.

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  1. Too much MOVAY TUH 😎

  2. The sargarsum originate from the ocean and washes onto the shores unlike internal problem of careless garbage disposal on the land. They are two distinct issues and must not be confused here.

    It is the widespread and copious nature of sargassum that is causing concern for the whole of St Lucia directly and indirectly. The ocean is warming and creates ideal conditions for the proliferation of sargassum. This is one of the many impacts of global warming. Coastline will be inundated with sargassum and practical solutions on a frequent basis are needed to keep it at bay. The local communities or islands cannot combat this external problem on their own.

    Hear the people’s cry and stop dismissing it as griping!

  3. Frustrated Resident

    SNO staff, you leave out how the Ninja Turtle say she did not call the seaweed. When the seaweed got to Rodney Bay it was cleaned in record time, the seaweed even afraid to return to the Rodney Bay shoreline. If 100,000 dollars was ever spent, it was not spent in Micoud or Dennery. I also doubt that they have even put a price on the clean up. That estimate by Gale is as real as a cock laying an egg.

  4. Every time I pass on a minibus to go to my home I realize that I can't take the stench for even the short time that I am on the minibus far less living in this stench. On a bad day I can smell the stench from way inland and I feel sick sometimes. Just imagine living in this smell for the rest of 2018! It's a real possibility. He who feels it, knows it. Whether it is the government or the community I think it has taken way too long for something to be done. Are you telling me that absolutely nothing can be done while we wait indefinitely from elected officials? We are not unique in this situation so why can't we look to examples in other parts of St.Lucia and even to the Caribbean to see what has been working or what can work to give some sort of relief? I don't see any urgency: everyone talks of the horrible smell but I hear no talk of how to try to do something. Where is the district rep(Estephane) in all this? Whatever that is going to be done(whether now or two years from now) will require a massive effort as one can see from the pictures and video that almost the whole coastline is littered and even the whole shoreline is dark with piles of seaweed.

  5. I love how this has turned my coins black. Thank you sea weed.

  6. I can't believe with people in St Lucia, they want the government to do everything for them, the seaweed problem is all over in the carribbean.St Lucian's like to complain to much.Right now a hotel closed in Antigua for the sake of seaweed.

    • Oh wow. Here is a bright idea. Hooraayy!! How about we do it ourselves with absolutely no form of protection or saftey gears and equipment. Whereas the best possible solution is that the government can come together with other Caribbean countries to invest in Machinery and equipment to clean the eastern coastline. I'm sure the machinery will last for years and wouldn't need to be replaced every other week like the so called funds. Ohhh shucks I forgot. We can't expect government to do it. We like to complain too much and expect government to everything. Smh.

  7. use the prisoners to help clean the seed weed in dennery but please given them proper gear. the smell from fond dor is already affecting la caye too

  8. We can't stop the rain and bad weather

  9. If its so damn bad they need to come together as a community n clean or do something about it. Theses ppl conplaining want to seat back n wait for sombody to fix it for them smh

  10. This same publication has a story on a sucessful enterprise in Barbados on the weed. Go have a look.

  11. I'm so disgusted by all these complaining. The Dennery and Micoud residents need to come together and solve that problem on their own. It's your health that's at stake not the government's. We need to stop depending on the government for everything. Let the government realise for once that we don't need them, they are the ones who needs us. Get you'll hands sorry, start up ur boat engines, get your backhoe and dump truck ready and come together to clean that mess. Gros Islet residents did it so why can't you.
    We need to stop begging these jackasses and when election year comes let them bray in our yards ; begging us. Let's cut style because we can.

    • I agree and disagree with your comment. Yes we need to take up the initiative but we need the government assistance at the same time. What if we do not complain? Then they get into the habit of not assisting because we have become self sufficient.

  12. That $100 ,000 is sure a lot of money for a week to clear. Maybe they can get the community involved in the clearing up and pay them instead. Get about 100 people involved in the clearing up of the seaweed ,pat them and see how best you can give others work for the next week.

  13. Time to stop talking that doesn't help! None of these sums of monies mentioned has ever reach Dennery. W need a solution. That seaweed needs to be cleaned up especially the rotten ones and be buried.

  14. Hahahaha i guess the residents dont want to get their hands dirty.

  15. this is a bad thing to say but you know what i wish, i wish that it was not seaweed that was there i wish that it was rubbish and it was smelling far worst than this.

    the reason i say this is look how we are complaining about this stinking sea weed and watch how it washes on the shores. time and time we are told about littering and throwing rubbish properly but most of us dont listen. if it was rubbish that was there then we would realize the harmful and truthful affects of dropping things in gutters and on the ground. if you see the amount of rubbish that clogs up the gutters when a light rain falls for just ten minutes farless a heavy rainfall

    • Martinique has been able to solve the problem
      So stop the spinning top in mud behaviour and seek the help needed from a neighbour who is an associate member of the OECS.


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