VIDEO: Violent brawl in Castries

VIDEO: Violent brawl in Castries

(SNO) – A heated argument between a female vendor and another female quickly escalated into a violent physical confrontation in the city of Castries – and it was all captured on video.

In the video, a female uses ground provisions for ‘missiles’. A male soon joins the fight.

Unconfirmed reports are that the incident occurred Saturday afternoon, July 7, 2018.

It was not immediately known if anyone was arrested in connection with the incident or if anyone sustained serious injuries.

Fights involving females is a common occurrence in Castries. Last month, a number of women were arrested in connection with a street brawl that was also captured on camera.



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  1. Things do happen for specific reasons, trump vs corea educated asses,don't u think the poorer classes will find conflict. Let creator n creation b the judge?just shut up.


  2. Saint Lucia is breeding generations of more hooligans than citizens. Just a lot of dumb, uneducated bastards!


  3. Hate to see crap like this because I know the kids are looking at how adults behave. Therefore, calling us as a society UNEDUCATED stands to be proven correct. It has nothing to do with being book smart, but the ability to handle disputes among each other as civilized citizens. Well done, proving the point of ignorance daily. Thanks for embarrassing our country on a regular basis so call adults, proving them correct on how they see us daily. Yes I said it.


  4. I dare anyone to tell me that blacks didn't just climb down out of the trees in the last 50 years. Grabbing whatever stick is handy and waving it in a menacing manner. "Planet of the Apes", or what?


  5. The man with the red shirt and one leg did not distance himself in spite of his situation he rather expose himself to danger. If he had a chance he would throw dasheen as well. St. Lucians like a row row. The lady with the child stood there watching instead of waking away with her daughter. She rather her child got injured. After the injuries will want to blame other persons. Lucians change your mindset.


  6. Throwing food away like this means that the vendors really didn't give a damn about their losses.


  7. We the grown ups are not setting the right examples for our children to emulate. Mangoes don't fall far from the tree.


  8. Shame shame shame.......Have them idiots lost their green figs salt fish and oil freaking minds? Market people always full of scandals, gone are the old time Market vendors welcome to the new bunch of trash.


  9. This is absolute madness! People can be heard laughing, and this is ok. Perhaps violence and vulgarity has become the new normal, I'm not sure.


  10. Weapon of mass destructions ; Dasheen, green fig and bois pere.

    You tink vendors easy.


  11. The vendor was right..they came to fight ..she had the right to defend her daughter and herself..these street dogs were wrong to cum in her space..they came to close.. she didnt give them enough


  12. Vipers...Monkeys in the wild..Even monkeys arere more civilazed than these peole.Sickening,they aint call market people for no reason...Instead of making their daily bread,they waring and wilding...Good for them...


    • They ain't called market people for nothing? Guess u mean all market people are bad eggs. Monkey's fight too? Please refer to the discovery channel or national geographic.... You have people, you will have conflict. Countries have wars even first world being most "civilized" of all. I guess according to you monkey's beat human kind in terms of civilized behavior.


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