VIDEO: Vieux Fort shooting victim rolls over in pain, but no immediate help for him

VIDEO: Vieux Fort shooting victim rolls over in pain, but no immediate help for him
Homicide victim in Vieux Fort
Homicide victim in Vieux Fort

A video of the aftermath of Saturday evening’s shooting in the town of Vieux Fort which led to the death of a man has emerged on social media. SEE VIDEO BELOW STORY (viewer discretion is advised)

The video, which is two and a half minutes long, shows the victim, identified by relatives as 50-year-old Lawrence Marcellin, also known as ‘Short Man’, bleeding and rolling himself over.

Persons can be heard arguing over getting medical help for the dying man. Some persons were just curious, taking glimpses of the victim as he writhes in pain. Others take photos and videos.

A relative expressed concern that no one was coming to his aid as he rolled on the ground.

According to reports, Marcellin was transported via ambulance to hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The shooting occurred around 6 p.m. near S&S.

Details about the shooting are still sketchy but reports are that Marcellin was shot whilst being robbed of monies he was allegedly transporting from one business to another.

At the time of his death, he was employed by Shernell’s Pizza Parlour where he did security and handyman tasks.

He was originally from Choiseul but had been living in Vieux Fort for many years, relatives say.



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  1. I am saddened by onlookers’ desensitization to violence that they can watch or walk away whiles this man wraith with agony offering no comfort. Animals are emotionally wired to assist each other in distressed, how much more are humans. What has happened to these people’s compassion for another? Black lives must matter among us – this video clearly shows it doesn’t. There is something broken here! This tolerance of depravity destroys humanity and likewise us. Fix up St Lucia! Fix up!


  2. This has shocked me to the core, I made this Island my home, I invested my money here and thought I would spend the rest of my life here, but that video has put the icing on the cake for me, I am leaving you all to your nastiness. St Lucia you have lost your soul, I know tourists will stop coming if they see how heartless you all are. Then it will get worse, shame on all the people in that video, not one of you offered a fellow human being any comfort in his last minutes, you are no better than the person that shot this poor guy, I hope you can all sleep because one day this could be you, Karma has a nasty way of coming around.


  3. Wicked employers with their very own vehicles risking the lives of their staff ,
    Bullshit see how his boss just walked pass him instead of assisting him, after being shot on his way to bring him his money
    Why aren't they the ones to be be robbed they're fully safe without a care for their staff.see how the poor means nothing in this world smh


  4. The poor man got killed for no reason at all, just doing his job. I think it's about time we had a criminal intervention on this Island. We should have no tolerance for this period. Restore conference was one of the biggest deterrence in st lucia recently for crime. Let us all protest to see this action be taken by the authorities again.


  5. We are a nation of ignorance and thats our biggest downfall. While everyone is filming and yelling, watching this man die, no one even tried to stop the bleeding or at least comfort the man with words of encouragement while they wait for the ambulance.....


    • What a way to help your fellow Lucian and I’m sure most thought maybe that could be me ? Wouldn’t you want someone to reach out and help you and know your not dying alone . Shame on St.Lucia for lack of caring and lack of making the changes that need to happen . Makes me want to visit these great people in St.Lucia =NOT !

      Ashamed of all in video !


  6. Why St Luciana so heartless no one assisted the man or even try to stop the bleeding....what is this country coming to....


  7. It's sad to see how our emergency personnel response is so slow in this country. Had that ambulance came early maybe he would still be alive. But like the onlookers were saying someone take him to the hospital. But due to the way this system is ppl are afraid to help in situations like this because of police questioning. Lawrence was such a funny person n helpful individual who worked with Mr Brice for a long time. Not forgetting he used to make everything political but never upset when he is defending the SLP. R.I.P Lawrence. Maybe the police find justice for you Lawrence n the person or persons who did this to you never day light outside a prison wall. Shernels will NEVER be the same again with you.


  8. Cursing the country so bad but yet u are a part of it everyone stopped to take pics even found the tym to even video but no1 took the tym to apply pressure to the wound jus wow my fellow saint lucians do unto others as u would like them to do onto you,u never feel the pain till it hits home I don't kno him but It hit me it hurts so bad we are 1 but yet we fight against each other it kills me to really see technology taking over url brain young and only so fuckin sad


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