VIDEO: Two saved following accident on Saint Lucia boat ride

VIDEO: Two saved following accident on Saint Lucia boat ride

(SNO) – Quick action by a dive instructor and crew members on a private boat ride/party aboard The Pearl on Friday, July 13, saved a male and female from drowning.

Video clips of the rescue (see videos below story) have gone viral.

In one of the videos, three males try to keep the couple afloat.

“Look a head going under, Aa. Look a head going under, Jesus Christ,” a female says in one of the videos.

A source from the boat told our newsroom that the incident occurred around 4 p.m. off Roseau beach. The boat was heading back to Rodney Bay from Canaries.

The female was reportedly “grinding” on the male, who was leaning against the railing of the boat, when they both fell over board.

The source dismissed reports that the railing broke, causing the two people to fall.

The source also noted that while the duo had a few drinks they were not intoxicated.

The source said the couple did not require any immediate medical attention and they arrived on the main island “alright”.



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  1. I was on the boat a good Samaritan jumped in first, with the red shirt , thank god for him!


  2. When you all in you all bacannal is Jesus Christ​you all calling but u all not going church


  3. It's a good thing one of them on the boat shouted "Jesus Christ" is that calling unto the lord is a good thing. It's almost as if u are invited or calling out for his presence to exist. Pple go to church. I give God praise for his many mercies. When God steps in miracle happens. It's a lesson for all of us.


  4. #MovayTuh grind and she wine on d hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm. .Narcis dat deh ehh.....

    Jokes aside .Glad to know they safe and good job by The Pearl Staff ??


  5. Must had been a damn good grind, happy there was no harm or deaths reported... Becareful safe


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