VIDEO: Theophilus promises to deliver more to Choiseul residents

VIDEO: Theophilus promises to deliver more to Choiseul residents
Lorne Theophilus addressing his constituents. * SLP photo
Lorne Theophilus addressing his constituents. * SLP photo

Residents of Choiseul/Saltibus were thanked for the patience they have exercised and promised that more will be done to improve the constituency, by their Parliamentary representative Lorne Theophlius.

The tourism minister recently told a large gathering in his constituency that while over $30 million has been invested by the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government, more work needs to be done.

“When you are patient, good things come to you. Your stadium is going to be built. That is just the beginning of development for the young people,” he declared.

Theophilus pointed to the work he has done in Piaye and promised to do more to encourage young people to get  involved in sport for their personal and professional development.

“We are laying the foundation. Why? Because Choiseul has produced some of the proudest cricketers on this island and we think they deserve a facility of their own. So, step by step, we have started the development in Piaye, in order to transform the community into a cricket facility for the development of sports for the young people.”

Theophilus being ushered in by SLP supporters. * SLP photo
Theophilus being ushered in by SLP supporters. * SLP photo

The MP also boasted about 101 people from the constituency being currently employed on a full-time basis, through the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE), stating “Its about you. Its not about me.”

He also bragged about his family’s legacy in the constituency, which started with his grandmother and passed on to his father, George Theophilus, something he said he is proud of, and plans to build on.

“George Theophilus, who helped as many people from Choiseul and Saltibus,  even some people who want to contest the general election, who were hired at the Bank of Saint Lucia by Theophilus…” he added.

In the November 28, 2011 general election, Theophilus obtained 2,810 of the constituent’s votes, while his opponent, Rufus Bousquet of the United Workers Party (UWP) obtained a total of 2,756 votes.

Following an SLP victory, Theophilus was appointed Tourism Heritage and Creative Industries Minister.

He will be contesting the next election against former banker and UWP candidate Bradley Felix.

Below is Theophilus’ full statement:

Large gathering of SLP supporters at a recent meeting held in Choiseul. * SLP photo
Large gathering of SLP supporters at a recent meeting held in Choiseul. * SLP photo


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  1. Kenny said one month ago that works would start on the hotel in Choiseul, another lie ... Similar to when Kenny knew that that a 100M injection for jobs was impossible and he stared us in the face and lied.


  2. its a shame Mr mp... u neglect the ppl who put u in govt.. students in the community don't even know who u are.. get ur act together.. its a little too late for promises don't u think...


  3. Silly season is upon us. Politicians finally remembering they need the people, making all kinds of promises they know they can't keep. All those who walk around with their noses in the air, and their windows up, coming to knock on our doors, asking for votes. Unfortunately, some people will still drink the kool aid, get disappointed yet again and go through the whole cycle next elections. We get what we deserve. In the meantime the politicians, their friends and family are sitting pretty. Learn Lucians, learn! The politicians work for us, we are their employers, fire them when they don't deliver! Stop accepting mediocrity!


  4. But this apologizing thing is a new disease with LAbour.

    Pep apologize and beg forgiveness saying he was a poor representative.

    Robert Lewis was the sAme and he run.

    Now Lorne saying the same thing.
    These fellers think it is fancy to bluff people, win, do nonsense and come crying for re-election.
    It doh work that way fellers. People not stupid. You must show slate first to negotiate reelection. Fool us once but you cannot fool us twice


  5. A warning for every elected official--newly elected or re-elected--assume your position running at 100 mph because if you're slow to act and start making things happen you won't last...


  6. I'm not a fortune teller but I can see u Lorne will lose the election and its your fault cause you're nothing but a failure to your constituents, to your ministry and to your country. You all are riding on the backs of the poor and don't give a damn. I can't wait for election day cause we've had enough of you and your cohorts. I'm sooo pissed.


  7. SLP just tricking the poor and illiterate people. I feel sorry for those people. Promising them everything until election is over.




  9. The residents of Marigot, the iconic picture, second only to the pitons have asked time and time again for this gentleman to visit and help us in Marigot yet still we wait, choops.


  10. This is much too late... I cry a charge of neglect!! Now you coming with a hotel on the one decent beach in Choiseul to fill our eyes. Man get it right.


  11. Only now you what to do things for the youth.. I want someone to tell me what did Lorne do for Saltibus... Chupse.. Mr. Felix u have my vote..


  12. LABOUR




  13. Lorne remember what you said anything somebody say they voted for you it upsets your stomach


  14. Pappyshow with all the talk about the young people.. What about the other people from the constituency... When you represent you represent ALL the people, and you get the ENTIRE JOB done... So step aside and let someone be fruitful, effective, efficient, excel at starting and finishing (deligent)...


  15. Always taking cheap shots at that grey hair man. Yours will stay black forever. You forgot to mention how Theophilus did not regret his decision to hire the banker who has more potential than you. He has helped many unlike you, Selfish self centred poor representative!! If Choisuel has benefited during your tenure its because of the SLP not you its not in your nature to help. You get turned off when people say they voted for you remember????


  16. Is this Guy for real. Is this a death announcement. This is a big joke. Whats going on with these dismal failures. We are looking at the laws of taxation and you said nothing. A failing justice system and you said nothing. A stadium turned hospital over five years and you said nothing. Eu given hospital built and still closed and you said nothing. Continue saying nothing we get the point. How could you say you love your country. L is for loser.


  17. how do a stadium help the youth in having a "permanent"job ?
    that's just another sample of pouring concrete on the country /
    the contractor making the millions/
    a few youth may have a low paid helper job for a short time/
    a few sportsman have a white empty elephant to play in it/
    government have no money for maintenance....see VF stadium.
    pleeeease, do this kind of spendings make sense??


  18. Only now you want to promise more to Choisel? after four years? All of you Labour candidates are sick.


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