VIDEO: St. Lucian family of four graduate from university together!

VIDEO: St. Lucian family of four graduate from university together!

The Charles family of four from St. Lucia made history on July 1, 2018 at University of the Southern Caribbean 85th Commencement ceremony.

They became the largest number from a single family to graduate together — mother, father and two sons. The daughter remains an undergraduate.

The family of four successfully completed their bachelor’s degrees and are now officially USC alumni.

Here is their story:


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  1. It's ironic because four of my siblings were graduated on the same day in May 2001, the same last name from SVG but they studied in the US where we reside.


  2. What a wonderful thing much blessings an may God continue blessing your'll with God all things is possible.


  3. This is a remarkable and refreshing story. Congratulations to every member of the Charles family. Well done folks.


  4. Man the father doesn't age at all!! (They're all SDA 🙂 ) ...this is truly an inspiring story. Hey if you guys are reading this. Please write a book!!


    • YES. A book, documentary (Dale Elliott!) or a movie. I'm sure those few years must have had many challenges and this story of faith will be an encouragement to many. Do it.


  5. It was refreshing to read this wonderful, unique story about this gracious family coming together for each other in such a remarkable fashion. Congratulations to each of you! You all have set the bar for family love.


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