VIDEO: Schoolgirls, two women fight at Castries fast food outlet

VIDEO: Schoolgirls, two women fight at Castries fast food outlet
Screenshots of the fight.
Screenshots of the fight.

A 30-second video of a fight between a group of schoolgirls in uniform and two women at a popular fast food outlet in Castries has gone viral.

The incident reportedly occurred at the Domino’s Pizza branch at the William Peter Boulevard.

It is not clear when the incident occurred.

St. Lucia News Online received the video on Friday, November 8, 2019.

A law enforcement source said the police, particularly the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), has not received any reports on the incident as of November 6.

In the video, a male in Domino’s uniform tries to part the fight, unsuccessfully. BELOW IS THE VIDEO (be advised that the video contains expletives and can be disturbing to some people).



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  1. I am baffled by the lack of respect we have for each other these days. Are you guys seriously praising these little useless teenagers for creating that kind of disturbance in a business place. Is that the behavior we encourage here? I dont think the adults should've allowed this to escalate either but wow if my child was involved in this, it would be me and her. That's no way to behave. Nonsense.


    • this is what our educational system adhere to... take money and abolish corporal punishment at school - the sad thing is that our politicians is prostituting our country.. no me that say so - Nobel laureate said it ...
      if i was the principle of that school the kids and parents would be put to clean castries for a year with a big sign on them... total BULLSHIT!


  2. I see a traditional occurance of our females ,neither having the oddassity of respect for each other....a typical st.lucian female....HOTTEZ!


  3. That woman and her daughter didnt get enough they tooi rowrowcious! Finally they get their march.....loool...


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