VIDEO: Saint Lucia Fire Service on Ebola alert

VIDEO: Saint Lucia Fire Service on Ebola alert
Lambert Charles
Lambert Charles

The Saint Lucia Fire Service continues to sensitize staff and prepare to deal with any threats related to Ebola.

In the statement below, Deputy Fire Chief Lambert Charles explains that an Ebola Response team has been identified, an ambulance which is dedicated to such calls is available and the draft protocols for response have been developed.

Concerns over PPE remain, but once revised WHO guidelines have been handed down, training will commence.

See video below:


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  1. lies, lies and more lies. don't should be as if it is what is.... gross over statements... lies, lies and more lies.


  2. If ebola is in st. lucia, no fire service, nurses, doctors can help u. They will quit just like those before them. will u blame them? St. lucia cant deal with such epidemic, its.beyond their capacity.No equipment or training. Only jesus can save u. let him in ur hearts today.


  3. Lets pray for our country, that the people will call upon the name of jesus more and let him have control over their lives. Ebola has no power over u when u are covered under the blood. Submit ur life to him today he is waiting to welcome u under his wings


  4. mr shane felix is becoming annoying, every day this individual has an issue with everything. if he loved his country he wouldn't be acting like an irritant. sorry but ur support is becoming less. i'm of the belief that its more personal.. to him.


  5. Really Mr. Charles why are you hiding the obvious fact. Any st lucian can walk up to any fire station and ask what equipment are available for the fight against ebola. You will be surely dissapointed as they are no where near the bio medical suits needed to ward off ebola. and i ask you mr charles would you with the suits that you currently have would go transport an ebola patient.remember these firemen have familes too and noone want to put their family in harms way.


  6. Let us talk St Lucia. Not Cuba. Are we really prepared? The firemen are not. Yes! They are not. SLASPA is not contrary to what was on the NEWS last night. The Nurses are not. The Airline are not. Immigration and Customs Officers are not. The public is not. EBOLA is now in Europe and North America.

    I know Cuba will assist us if needs be.


  7. I think there is a problem with the snow website when ever I type it takes me to a Page saying the domain is for sale snow if you are aware if u can please fix this has been happening to me since yesterday


  8. So what Shane is complaining about? Is he Mary Isaac tag team?They both complaining senselessly now.I am tired of their nonsense.Stop that attention seeking behaviour.


  9. Cuba has sent a second group of medical staff to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak.

    The 83 doctors and nurses will treat Ebola patients in Liberia and Guinea.

    Another contingent of 165 Cuban healthcare professionals travelled to Sierra Leone a few weeks ago.

    Cuba is now the biggest single provider of healthcare workers to the Ebola crisis in West Africa, more than the Red Cross or richer nations, the World Health Organization says.

    "Cuba has provided the numbers and the people," said Jose Luis Di Fabio, the WHO representative on the Caribbean island.

    "There are more human resources from Cuba than from many, many NGOs [non-governmental organisations] put together."

    The epidemic has killed more than 4,500 people in West Africa.

    'We must act'

    The Red Cross, which is trying to tackle Ebola in Sierra Leone, has said the scale of the outbreak is so bad that it is having to retrieve more than 100 corpses a day.

    "We cannot see our brothers from Africa in difficult times and remain there with our arms folded," the Cuban Ambassador to Liberia, Jorge Lefebre Nicolas, told Reuters news agency.

    A jet from the national airline Cubana carrying 51 medical personnel touched down on Wednesday morning at the Roberts International Airport outside the Liberian capital, Monrovia, Reuters reports.

    Cuba has been praised for its response to the Ebola crisis, including by the United States.

    Despite America's frosty relations with the Communist island, US Secretary of State John Kerry cited Cuba as an example of a small nation which sent more than larger, richer states.

    Its response has also won plaudits from humanitarian workers who say the international community's reaction has been lacking.

    The BBC's Will Grant in Cuba says that, for President Raul Castro, this has also been an opportunity to build on the island's long-standing tradition of humanitarian aid to Africa.

    The president shook the hands and embraced the 83 doctors and nurses who waved Cuban flags as they boarded the plane for West Africa, our correspondent adds.

    More Cuban medics have been trained to travel there.
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