VIDEO: Rigobert says Reynolds failed Babonneau, Saint Lucia

VIDEO: Rigobert says Reynolds failed Babonneau, Saint Lucia
Dr. Gale Rigobert
Dr. Gale Rigobert
Dr. Gale Rigobert

In endorsing United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Babonneau, Ezechiel Joseph, Opposition Leader, Dr. Gale Rigobert took a swipe at the incumbent MP, Alvina Reynolds, stating that she has failed the people, not only in the constituency, but the entire Saint Lucia.

While addressing a large crowd on Sunday, Dr. Rigobert said Reynolds failed miserably in performing her duties as Minister of Health and Human Services, because health care has not improved within the past four years, though huge promises were made by the incumbent government.

“Not only has she failed you. Not only has she failed to do anything for you, what is even more disturbing is she stopped the things that Ezechiel has done for you to bring relief,” she added.

Watch Dr. Rigobert’s full speech on Sunday’s UWP public meeting held at Babonneau.


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  1. sadly they have all neglected, gale has not made a difference in Micoud, whats up with politicians talking about neglect when they pan is just as black..


  2. Aa the accent gone and it seem Gale turning into a minister for real. Gale please grow some hair and try to present yourself better. Live the accent turn around. Mama me say sah!! Straight from woman to manhood!!


  3. I preferred to vote for a dog than Ezekiel Joseph. Ezekiel is a not nice GUY. Lived close to this man and this man never greeted no oNE or said Hi. Why would I vote this man. Alvina Reynolds all the WAY.


    • I can attest. He, his kids and wife do nothing but speed down the tiny roads, full of children. I would have much preferred Preville.


  4. Lady, the UWP has failed this NATION with poor infrastructure from Independence until now.
    What did your administration do during its tenure in office to boost healthcare?
    Take a look at all the dilapidated health centers that is only now being rebuilt.

    Can you show us all the wonderful healthcare facilities your administration left when your government was booted out of Office?

    Can you honestly tell us of your plans for healthcare should your party win the next General Election?

    If your party really cared for people or your own party supporters, Universal Healthcare would have been implemented during your reign.

    Perhaps your "Voodoo" chanting buddy, can Invoke some deity to help you along.



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