VIDEO: Residents criticise firemen as Faux-a-Chaux inferno leaves at least 9 people homeless

VIDEO: Residents criticise firemen as Faux-a-Chaux inferno leaves at least 9 people homeless

Members of the Fire Service who battled house fires in Faux-a-Chaux, Castries early Saturday morning, Nov. 4, have been criticised for their handling of the situation after their units ran out of water.

Two wooden structures were totally destroyed, leaving at least nine people, including seven children, homeless. No one was injured, however.

The firemen were being criticised in a one-minute video that has surfaced on social media.

With the structure(s) engulfed in flames, persons were heard in the background questioning the tactics of the firefighters.

“No water?” a woman says.

“Watch that, watch that, watch that. My goodness gracious me,” a man says.

“But they coulda put the thing for the hose in the sea. They have a pump for that,” the woman adds.

“Watch them fellas, watch them fellas,” the man continues. “That’s what they getting paid for? That’s what they getting paid for?”

The woman adds: “But watch the water going up in the air, that not outing nothing.”

The man then uttered an expletive “&#%%@ fire service there. Central Castries?”

Other persons were also heard in the video (below) criticising the actions and placement of the firemen. (article continues below video)

Fire officials received the call at 1:15 a.m. and dispatched two units – both from Castries.

According to information received by the officials, two wooden structures – 30×30 and 20×30 – were engulfed in flames.

One house caught fire after neighbours heard an explosion, and the fire spread to the other house, officials said.

Efforts to save both houses were futile. Both units eventually ran out of water, officials said.

The owners of the houses are Anderson Francis and Vaughan Cadet, officials said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


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  1. To the untrained eye, what might have looked like water being (wasted) sprayed into the air. Could have actually been a smart defensive fire fighting technique. The fire fighter could have been directing the spray at adjacent buildings cooling them down and preventing fire spread. That fire fighter may not be a fool but a hero intead! You got'ta know what you're talking about before commenting.


  2. The real problem is the SQUATTING!!!!..........These people need to be relocated to planned areas with all amenities including hydrants.


  3. My comment is not to bash the firemen, but the ones who are lack the training or just don’t care about their job. I have seen the firemen in action, and it was very appalling. They got to the fire site and the truck had ZERO WATER…WTF…really. They were not dressed for the situation, had plain clothing and decided to get dress when they got to the fire site. I am not an expert, but this is straight up Bull…
    Do those fire department have turnovers, meaning inspect the DAM truck and equipment before the other shift. Do they have drills and do they have a DAM map of the area that they are assign to? It is so crazy to have your home completely burnt to the grown when those guys are playing firemen. Each fire department should have a certain timeframe to get to a fire site. When are we as St. Lucians get it right??


  4. While I agree that many of the services in St. Lucia are lacking (education, health, police, taxes, land and business, sanitation etc., etc....), but St. Lucians have been taught to be critical no matter how stupid they sound when doing so. This stems from a very divisive political climate, where politicians are unashamed to offer ridiculous explanations to their followers as daily bread to counteract any situation where they may be held to account.

    I will illustrate this by taking the latest example where an explanation was offered as to: why that the newly built buildings at St. Jude should have no problem to be transformed into a hospital since the hotel at Tapion had no problem to convert into a hospital. If we dissect that horse shit we ought to know that firstly that money was collected for the construction of a hospital so any deviation or results apart from that needs to be investigated; because if you asked a contactor to build you a house and he gave you a fire station there would be a law suit. Secondly, we have no idea what it cost Tapion to make that conversion, neither are we informed on the logistics such as sizes of rooms and hallways. Thirdly, St. Judes was never built as an hotel in the first place so how could we follow this example? So this explanation is essentially taking the madness that occurred to another level of madness with the reasoning. Now that politics and politicians has caused and given confidence to every "Jack" to be an engineer (never mind how valid their arguments are) and everybody is confident that politicians are experts, no one remembers, unashamedly, that they (the politicians) were the ones who made those mistakes.


  5. Please stop the blame game and the pointing of the finger, that's counter productive. The firemen
    are under pressure every time there's a fire, the loss of property is one of the saddest moments
    in a families life. Poor people who used up their last cent and even borrowed some to put a roof
    over their heads, lost every thing in one hour. No where to go with kids to feed.Think about it.
    Lucians are good people and folks will always stretch a helping hand. please help out, with love.


  6. I'm not going to criticize the firemen because I'm not a trained firefighter. However there is a lack of leadership at the top, they have no innovative ideas, sitting behind a desk making a lot of money and being out of touch with reality is not good enough. Due to the fact that we have so many wooden structures in close proximity to each other, more effort should be put into public service announcements about the causes of fires. Heat, oxygen, and fuel. Fuel can be a paper bag, ignited by a hot pot. Most people think that you have to have a spark to start a fire. Prevention is much better than cure. The reality is that we can't afford fire hydrants all over the place.


  7. You'll should take buckets run to the sea and collect.wayer to out the houses since you complained about the firemen doing their jobs.. foolish people


  8. I am really sorry for the loss, but lets be fair. The firemen did a damn good job, bravo!!!!. In that area, where houses back to back like sardines and the fire was contained with limited water. Garcon stop complaining and count yall blessings. The whole area could have caught on Fire, persons just got emotional. Again bravo fireman, i know the government not sh*ting on yall, no promotions, no equipment, low pay.


    • You big imbecile you had to bring in the government in your stupid comment. Since you know the government is not helping I would advise you to take your monkey azz and do their jobs you pathetic soul.


      • You crazy? Or you just one of those chicken and rum people. The government responsible for the fire department, how many inquiry and reports about mismanagement need to be produced. 4 so far in 7 years, if the blackman say it, he complaining, the foreigners come and say the same crap. You talking about I jump on government. I will advise you to jump out of your own backend and get in touch with reality


  9. Wow I admire my girl she's very smart when she suggested pumping water from the sea. If a water pump is not designed to pump salt water you are most likely to damage the pump. Salt causes corrosion and will automatically seize. St lucia is just way to backward when it comes to safety. I blame go the the firemen and the water authorities for not having fire hydrants installed all over. Especially in areas where fire is likely to spread quick. We don't even have railings installed along roads near precipice's (casco) to prevent vehicle ran offs in case of accidents. Just think of how many lives these simple things can save. But as usual which ever government who comes in more concerned about their pockets than the safety and progress of the nation. None excluded.


    • You are correct about pumps siezing with being used with salt water, however your blame on the placement of fire hydrants is misguided.

      Unplanned settlements, unplanned where squatters take over lands cannot be readily made safe by the placement of fire hydrants. Why you ask, because in order to install a hydrant you need specifications like the diameter of the mains pipe and the amount of pressure being pumped into the area.


    • Secondly, do you know how much money was allocated for the installation of hydrants this year? 40k, thats sounds like a lot. However one hydrant fitting costs 35k.

      When firemen go on the media and ask for resources and complain about man power and failing equipment, the public never supports our cry, but once it reaches home, you all want to lay blame on the wrong people.


  10. First of all I hope the persons who lost their homes and items gets assistance. Secondly, Saint Lucians are experts for everything. Now they know how to out a fire because only the wood for the house burn and the things inside were wooden. People have gas tanks, plastic, hair products, skin products, clothing and other flammable items in their homes and fire spreads quickly. Let the firemen do their job. All we do is crticise. Firemen not good, police not good, prison officers not good, politicians not good, lawyers not good, everybody is a problem. If the two trucks ran out of water and the fire kept burning then this fire was complicated. Next time go an out the fire. Chops.


    • I wonder why these so called trained firemen every time there is a fire the structure burns down. Even if I know there might be no return but come on u have water u have hose to aim but why is it the first thing they try to douse is the galvanized fence outside.


      • For multiple reasons, but i dont know specifically what you are referring too.
        Prevent smoke from flashing over, which is more dangerous than normal house fire.

        To try to create a ventilation access to reduce smoke in a particular location

        Numerous reasons depending on the situation..


        • like really????? if you're not familiar with fire dynamics do not attempt to explain what you don't know. how can you prevent smoke from flashover ? how is it more dangerous than a house fire when it is a stage in the progression of of a fire depending on the conditions. how can you use water to create a ventilation access to reduce smoke?


  11. If St.Lucia would invest in fire hydrants always running out of water poor people cannot survive always have to stsrt all over.I mean building roads without the idea of fire hydrants is a disaster because pipes have to run under ground to provide water in hydrants StLucia get with the time,get with it,times change so change with thee time.damn 9 families,some shit.


    • My deepest sympathies to the families that have lost so much. I can't even begin to think or understand this must feel. However, everybody wants every kind of public service in tip top condition but nobody wants to think about where the money to make these things happen comes from? Taxes, you know, like VAT?


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