VIDEO: Policeman ambushed during Saint Lucia Carnival

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – A brave policeman’s plan to weave through Carnival Monday traffic ended up in glory.

He was ambushed by a group of sexy female revellers who went all out to disrupt his plan.

They mounted his motorcycle and gyrated vigorously, ensuring that THEIR plan was carried out effectively: stopping the lawman from conducting a boring patrol.

The policeman did not appear to be have been hurt and no one was arrested.

However, investigations will surely continue due to the compelling video evidence that is in public circulation.


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  1. This officer knew exactly what he was doing. He certainly enjoyed the company and he should certainly enjoy his suspension.


  2. Disgusting women


  3. lol i agree officer take a wine for all your hard work


  4. What investigate everybody have fun rather than the useless killing


  5. Cooyah have them reving nay port ih


  6. The officer should be reprimanded for this.he showed no effort trying to get the girls off of him.Such a shame.But then again,if you know this guy you won't be surprised...Im even surprised that he's actually a police officer!!!


  7. MOVAY TUH down officer wind down


  8. He surely doesn't look like he was ambushed. I can actually see his arms around one of the revelers waist😂😂😂😂😂


  9. oh my! Brave women.


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