VIDEO: PM responds to EU “blacklist” news

VIDEO: PM responds to EU “blacklist” news
PM Chastanet at the press briefing.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet today, Dec. 6 held a press briefing to respond to yesterday’s news that the European Union (EU) has “blacklisted” 17 countries, including Saint Lucia, as a tax haven.

Below is the video from the press briefing. (To see why St. Lucia made the list, CLICK HERE)


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  1. allen not too long ago u were on nbc talking about attracting foreign investors which u would give them freedom and help them to not pay so much in taxes....u forgot...??? sacway muhtehhhhh...whats even worse is u signed a paper and u did not read it properly or else u would know your ass is on a blacklist...not a grey list...blacklist is not the list where they help u get out...thats the list where they warn everyone to not go there and do business!!!


  2. tell EU go 4ork itself. its a non entity. soon they will be out of commission. look like a gay agenda not working in st lucia. soon they will have a large majority that will not promote that agenda either. so the eu have bigger problems on its hands than trying to declare which country is tax haven or not. ask them if switzerland is on the list? hypocrites.


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