VIDEO: PM remembers Morne Sion tragedy victims

VIDEO: PM remembers Morne Sion tragedy victims

At the end of the parliamentary sitting on Tuesday, November 10, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony paid tribute to the victims of the Morne Sion Tragedy.

Nineteen Saint Lucians lost their lives when the bus they were traveling on plunged off a cliff and into the ocean.

The accident has been described as the most tragic in the history of Saint Lucia.

The prime minister said he is hoping that the tragedy will be remembered in a more collective manner.

This year marks the fourth anniversary for the Morne Sion Tragedy.


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  1. How can he not remember? when ti wa chilotte called him and say it happened. where are the two kids missing up to now 19-2=17 king bury six at Babonneau was not that he won.


  2. Some of us practice so much evil and vile things in our private dealings that we attribute these same underhanded practices to others.


  3. He will always remember this incident because it was a sacrifice in favor of them winning the election but God is not sleeping and will torment them day and night its time we st.lucian open our eyes and see whatvis happening in our country withit those politicians we trust and all they do sell the country to the devil for power but im happy that my God has been revealing what has happen to his beleivers.This country will be taken back to God.


  4. you will always remember them cause you had use their blood to win your elections and had the whole island of shouting en rough cause they didnt know the true meaning up until now


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