VIDEO: PM addresses nation on eve of general election

VIDEO: PM addresses nation on eve of general election
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony made a final appeal to voters on Sunday evening, explaining why they should vote for the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party.

One of the major issues he spoke about during his address, is the party’s plan to create more jobs in the next five years through attracting more foreign direct investments.

“I come now to you in the twilight of my political career and for me, this will always remain a memorable campaign. My mission is simply to complete the job that I started, and to secure the fortunes of our economy and our people.”

Below is the PM’s full address:


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  1. This is the face of a guy who has no faith in what he's reading, I kinda feel sorry for him but then again i feel more sorry for my neighbor's son who never has bus fair to go to school and no lunch money to eat a proper meal. Speaking of bus fair wasn't this clown the one who moved the transportation system for school kids. Kenny after you loose your seat I will buy a bottle of bounty and coke and go and drink someting on de beach to celebrate your retirement. " Bye for now my old friend for I will not miss that old mug...


  2. make the right decision...kenny has to go now what has he done for our nation.


  3. This is the day when Saint Lucians can redeem themselves even relieve themselves of crap.

    Shake off the entire burden people, 17 to ZERO.


  4. I a St lucian who will let the world know what father of the nation did to the people of st.lucia he remove the sugar to Banana let the farmers use posion fertilizer as a result 90 % of St lucian have Diabeteas. some of you to young to know St lucia n was very unEducated Today i proud to be a St. lucian be real. lucian .


  5. Malcolm L'Overture , I strongly believe that you are KDA in disguise. You kind fool some people sometime, but you can,t fool all the people all the time.


  6. Why should anyone threaten the Prime minister? St Lucia is a functioning democracy and in every democracy people have choices. There are three political parties contesting this election.The UWP, The Labour party and The Independents. The electorate will decide who forms the next government of this beautiful country. The previous UWP administration spent many years in power and achieved very little under the leadership of Sir John Compton. He took the country to independence and St Lucia remained in the doldrums. His best achievement was independence from The UK. When Sir John was in power no one dared to take liberties with him or his party. He ruled with an iron fist very much the same way Margaret Thatcher ruled Britain. The contemplation of threat/s would be unheard of. No matter what Compton, would have it nipped in the bud. He was clinical and unapologetic and that says a lot about the character and nature of the man himself.

    No one should get away with threatening the Prime minister under any circumstances. Such a threat should be investigated and given the contempt it deserves. The person who issued this threat must have support from somewhere. The police need to find out about this individual and if possible use the powers of arrest. The Right Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony is a man of the people. He is charismatic and caring and will not allow an indication of impending danger or harm to stop him from serving the people of St Lucia. When I compare Dr. Anthony's men with that of the opposition, there is no comparison. The Prime minister has with him men of pedigree and substance who have served the country impeccably well. Men and women who have delivered on every front. They have gone above and beyond to serve the interests of this country. I am impressed with Dr. Anthony and his achievements in St Lucia.

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Jacmel Haiti


  7. Wait!! Is this a speech for 2011 elections or 2016 elections? How dare you purport to be the Prime Minister and come lecture the people of St. Lucia with some sneaky political advertising for the SLP. You have no SHAME!!

    Did this man just come out of a time warp? Incredible arrogance and electioneering as the prime minister is reprehensible and is another indicator of how desperate, malicious, and shameless this administration is.


  8. Kenny you had five years to make that speech. Lucians have had enough of your politriks. You always seem to talk about the future but never seems to discuss your accomplishments and the present. You had five years to create jobs, improve the health standards in St.Lucia. You had this in your manifesto five years ago. Where is the evidence that you did anything. You made the poor parents in SLU that you have given every child a laptop. What good is that without internet. Where are the jobs for the parents so they can at least afford internet for the kids to contact to the international world. Another incomplete job by your administration. Enough is enough. Today is the day where Lucians will show you how frustrated they are with your tricks. No more of you. Enjoy your unemployment starting tomorrow.


  9. You reek of desperation ........... Damn watching KDA is embarrassing ............


  10. You are reading from your teleprompter very carefully, look at your face you scared like hell for all you know you wearing depends for diarrhea due to nervousness. Tonight old geezer you are heading for retirement Unity Willingness Progress all the way they will lead us back to the land of Milk and Honey.


  11. It is not the time for more empty promises. St.lucians make up you minds and vote to remove the SLP from our faces. Come out in large numbers and do not allow the fools to fool you anymore. We have a chance to shine and smile again. Vote FLAMBEAU. We shall prevail." Father Almighty help us all St.Lucians to make the right choice today, do not allow our efforts to go in vain."


  12. That was no address. That was misinformation. I was shocked to hear him say the economic is good.
    That was a last attempt to run a cheap campaign. But it failed.
    He focused more on the opposition than the way forward.


  13. Any fair-minded Saint Lucian who has survived these gross and base onslaughts on our basic principles of fairness would not even have listened to this broadcast.

    Even if the main opposition parties were invited to balance this exercise by noted cheats, even at the last moment, this would grate on their sensibilities by these geriatric senile unprincipled corrupt SLP.

    Hope to hear of KARMA, later on Monday. Either way, we always get the government that we deserve.


  14. lol Tired of daily scandals. Kenny the only scandals we know are Helen Air, Rochamel, Frenwall, Grynberg, Juffali. You put aside corruption. OMG You are part of the part and so is Joachim. Why did you gv him the government pd jeep for himself. You on tv so much in 2 weeks. you even spoke on timothy, newspin. It's a shame all u talking about cruise ship jobs. The people of St. Lucia have always worked on cruise ships for over 30 years now and it's an employment agency that helping people get jobs and people pay their way through. Why no stats on unemployment in the 1st 2 quarters of the year. SMH. BTW How stupid was i to listen to your address.


  15. We are tired of your party and there is nothing to judge sir stop begging. Give us a break


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