Video of wounded youth emerges

Video of wounded youth emerges

A video has emerged of one of the alleged victims of Tuesday’s chopping/stabbing incident in Castries city.

In the six-second video, a bloody young man sits on a bench holding his left wrist.

Though details are sketchy, it was reported that at least two young males sustained injuries during an altercation at the Soufriere bus stand, near the Castries market after 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

The person who submitted the video to St. Lucia News Online (SNO) stated that the young man in the video is known as Skelly from an inner-city community.

The source said Skelly was injured on Tuesday afternoon, but could not provide further information.


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  1. That is the second time they have attacked the young man. The first yime it was for his phone and he reported himself to yhe poloce. he is not in no gang ppl get the real story. Yes he troublesome but he not no bad man


  2. Gasa you tha there soooo boy badness out of style the new thing is gal over gun swag over badness you dont see how many lovely girls out there that needs love anyways continue more woman for me


  3. Yeah fellas... Jus keep on fighting... Keep on chopping and keep on shooting one another.... It make no sense being a "Badman"... To me a real Badman is a man who will work for himself and family and defend them when needed.... Not to look for useless trouble... I cah feel sorry when I seeing yall like that... No ambition at all... Smfh.... Now after all that you know is your mother you gonna call.... When will them fellas learn... The police and government should round up all of yall and drop yall Iraq or somewhere in the Middle East.... Cause is war alone that on yall brains... Go and fight some real war a--


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