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Video of ‘suspect’ in Morne Du Don incident goes viral

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — A young male was reportedly apprehended by residents of Morne Du Don, Castries on Monday morning after he allegedly tried to enter a vehicle with a woman and her baby, according to reports.

A video of the suspect tied up in the tray of a pickup truck has gone viral.

According to information received, the woman screamed after the suspect jumped in her vehicle around 6 a.m. He allegedly tried to leave with the vehicle and the baby.

The woman reportedly screamed and neighbours came to her rescue. The suspect was apprehended, tied up and handed over to the police.

According to law enforcement sources, the suspect, who appears to have mental issues, is in police custody.

The woman involved in the incident, posted this on Facebook: “I live mon d don and that’s where the incident occur around 6:00 a.m this morning. My baby is 8 months old. No one was seriously hurt. I am thankful to neighbours who came to our aid but the police has not heard the last of me on this matter.”

No additional information was received. We will update you later

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  1. See you were rescued the tried and tested way. What does that have to do with the police? The police are mainly an "after the fact measure" and we cannot expect them to predict where a crime will occur or have tracking devices on mad people (which by the way is unconstitutional). It is up to society to monitor people who are insane, criminal or otherwise pose threats to their security and then report to the police if a threat is imminent or has occurred. Imagine somebody was shot at Jacmel but the argument was about lack of police patrol. So tell me do we expect a regular police patrol aimed at crime prevention in areas such as Jackmel?

    We must start discussing issues logically instead of belching up garbage like the politicians.

  2. Beware criminals, we the law abiding public are fighting back. and we fighting back hard. You committ a crime, the public report you. and its time to stop that nonsense about he say, she say you do it that stupidness that police officers rely on. you receive a tip you consider it, then if it looks okay, then pursue it and arrest the effers. and take them to court and jail them for at least 20 years. if you tired of them before that and they take a life, then shorten theirs in the process. i have no pity for criminals. and if police dont seem to be fighting back hard enough, we must help the police. that shit crime and rape epidemic that these useless men bringing in my country must stop. end of. thankfully my boys know better because they were raised better. if anyone one of them did this shit, i would do the job of the police and take them down myself. no joke.

  3. at least one of those neighbours is cow farmer................i mean the expert way he hog tied that fella...........he aint going anywhere lolol.well done folks........thats how community should be.

  4. Good on the residents, well done for helping, lets hope the scumbag gets a good punishment.


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