Video of Chakadan Daniel singing, rapping about peace and love emerges on Facebook

Video of Chakadan Daniel singing, rapping about peace and love emerges on Facebook
A video still image of Shakadan Daniel.
A video still image of Chakadan Daniel.

“… I don’t want no knife, I don’t wanna see blood, I just wanna see love. I don’t know wanna see a brother kill a brother. I wanna see all unite as one and have a family.”

Those are lines from an amateur music video  performed in a house by Chakadan Daniel.

The video, which was reportedly shot in Micoud not long before his death in a police station, was first published on Movielink Entertainment’s Facebook page and was also shared on St. Lucia News Online’s Facebook page.


Daniel was found hanging in his cell at the Micoud Police Station on Oct. 23, 2013. An autopsy revealed that he died of asphyxia, a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from being unable to breathe normally. However, family members alleged that his death is suspicious, prompting the police to announce that it will leave no stones unturned in their investigation of the incident.

In the video, which is two minutes and 28 seconds, Daniel is shown performing by the doorway of a house.

The Back Street, Micoud resident starts out by singing: “It’s been a very long time I have been searching for what’s mine. Looking for this girl, I gotta find this girl, this very, very, very, very, special girl. And when I get this girl my love is gonna flow on and on and on.”

He then begins to rap at 1:22 minutes: “Every day I pray to God that I live my life on the side. I don’t want no knife, I don’t wanna see blood, I just wanna see love. I don’t know wanna see a brother kill a brother. I wanna see all unite as one and have a family. Every day I pray to God that I see the money, I could see the sunshine, I could the see the breeze, I could see the cloud so I pray to God I live. Living on the side, live in paradise.”

The video ends with Daniel taking a smoke.

Daniel’s death has sparked outrage from some friends and family, who believe the youth was murdered by police.

A police press release issued the same day of the incident stated that Daniel, who was a prisoner in custody at the Micoud Police Station, was discovered hanging in his cell on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 7:40 am.

“Dr. Daniel, district medical officer for the Micoud region, was immediately summoned to the scene and pronounced Daniel dead,” police said.

“Daniel was arrested Monday on warrants for escaping lawful custody, assaulting a police officer and damage to property. He was scheduled to make a court appearance at the Second District Court in Dennery today (Oct. 23). The matter is currently under investigation,” the press release added.

At a press briefing on Oct. 28, Assistant Commissioner of Police Frances Henry said she is aware of the police cover-up allegations but noted that it is premature to make a determination on the case before the completion of the investigation.

Henry promised that the police will do all in its power to get to the bottom of the matter, saying the police “treats every allegation as information”.

“Based on what is obtained in the public, we investigate these allegations. At some point there will be a determination as to our findings,” she said.

Henry explained: “The one thing I do know is that there is a lot of suspicion and they’ve been lot of aspersions meted out at the police in lieu of always an attempt to cover up, and that are some of the suggestions that are coming out. However, we are a department which of course, we do have professional standards like any other department.

“We have a lot of ethical considerations that we use, and of course a death occurring once is one too many so we would want to get to the bottom of this matter. We are sparing no effort and to ensure that this matter is done to completion where we can actually send it to the powers that be and that is the Office of the DPP to direct as to how this matter is going to be done.”

Henry said a post mortem examination was conducted by Pathologist Dr. Stephen King in the presence of a doctor representing the deceased’s family. At the press briefing, Henry did not disclose any other result of the post mortem.

Henry said the police force has reached out to Daniel’s family and have promised they will do all they can to solve the matter.

“One of the things I would like to indicate is that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, we have extended our condolences to the members of the family. Of course it is a grave concern to the police department. A death has occurred within our walls as it is and as a consequence we will be pursuing this matter very vigorously because as with even the members of the public, we too would want to see that this matter be dealt with,” she added.


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  1. Son of Helen you're worst than the rastafarians you're condemning. If you support discrimination I guess you support racism also.


  2. da man was not no rasta he use to terrorize the people in Micoud,committing house breaking stealing from persons and you'll wanna make him look like he was so good,true rastas don't commit crime.


  3. i know when the police arrest u they taking every single thing you have on u so how the hell that happen they can't even give a proper answer and people judging already.....Only god can judge you shakadan he alone knows what happen... some people quick to jump on religion that has nothing to do with his death...what's wrong with some people is if they even going according to their own religion. If he wasn't a Rastafarian ur ll wouldn't be jumping on religions...that country will be the first island in the Caribbean to sink(Lord Forgive me) if we eh stop pointing fingers at each other and unite with each other to work something out....we lack of that now ....R.I.P SHAKADAN


  4. Son of helen you sound like racist.. I see the same dumbass mentality in a lot of lucians... Will pray for you'll


  5. I now take this opportunity to express my deepest sympathy and condolence to the family of this young man - Shakadan Daniel. It's sad that he had to meet his fate that way or the way he did.I am hearing all kinds of unfounded rumours.

    I think people should stop speculating and allow the St Lucian police force to carry out their investigation into this untimely death. There also needs to be an independent investigation.I fear this will be swept under the carpet like the many others before.Lots of people have been unlawfully killed by the police and no one has been held accountable.The authorities are a law unto themselves. They believe that they are above the law.

    Apart from those present no one knows what transpired at the police station. It's between Shakadan and the officers who were there. Now he is dead and cannot give an account it's left to the police to tell the Lucian public what really happened if something other than suicide happened.Will they be honest and tell the truth? Who knows?

    The RSLPF has a troublesome reputation. They have taken out loads of young men in the past without due process of law - In a lot of these cases they are the Judge jury and executioners. This cannot be allowed to happen. Why do you have the law courts? They are there to try people who are accused of committing crimes.The police's job is to apprehend suspects and to bring them before the courts to be tried.It's not up to them to expunge people.This is how it's done in the jungle not in a civilised society like St Lucia.

    Not matter how reprehensible some people are they have a right to a fair trial under the constitution. No one should take this away from them.The police are NOT above the law.

    The powers that be in St Lucia should now do the honorable thing --- they should investigate this murder fully and to give answers to the family of this young man.They should also go the whole hog and investigate the other unlawful murders that's been swept aside. The Lucian public needs answers -- They need it fast. No stones should be left unturned.

    Malcolm L'Overture


  6. How can you just make a sweeping generalization of what type of person this young man was Son of Helen? Just because he has locks and subscribes to rastafarianism? SMH


  7. SON of helen my big toe, well not aon of my Helen any way most likely son of a B++++!!!!!
    Get A life youintolerant SCUM.


  8. Isn't that the philosophy of rastas (peace and love) and they then turn around and do the exact opposite? Rastafarianism is another twisted religion. Smoking ganja at an early age severely alters the has been scientifically proven.

    Anyway, I think the British didn't do enough on Mt. Jimmie, they should have banned these extremists forever on this Island cuz there are too many no-good 'rascals' today, and I blame it on Jamaica for exporting their crap to us.


    • Son of Helen you need tom learn about the Rastafarian religion before you go blaming it on them....just because someone has locks or smokes weed does not make them a Rastafarian u will also be surprised to know that not all rastas smoke.... u cant go blaming relgion of peoples actions everyone know right from wrong they choose what to follow...... its obvious he had some struggles some are strong enough to get out of it others are not..... music is music you can basically sing about anything doesn't mean u're following it


      • Mrs A, religion has and still is the biggest problem on this planet, it's all about indoctrination (messing with people's minds, especially from a young age). Tell me, how many millions have and will die because of religion?

        Everything starts with the mind...even an erection, it's all about the mind and the way it was conditioned.


    • Your ignorance is beyond comprehension. If you're formally educated then it's even worse. By your definition of Rastafarianism, Christianity is the worse religion on island and in the world. How many Christians who proclaim peace and love turn around and do the exact opposite? Ever heard of the Crusades or Adolf Hitler?

      Please read a book.


    • Son of Helen we are usually on the same page on most issues but i have to disagree with you on this one.

      In every religion there will be extremist. There are also those that interpret concepts of certain religions to suit there own agendas. My point is these people should not be alined to any religion but to be seen as individuals as they are running their own agenda under the guise of a religion. Most religions I know teach love and peace Rastafarian's are no different.
      Take for example the 2 responsible for burning the people in the cathedral claiming to be Rastafarians. You have a bombings linked to Muslims which other persons of the same faith have vehemently rejected that their religion promotes, advocates or condones any acts of violence.

      That is a very blanked statement broad statement that could offend ones faith. Let us observe our democracy.


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