VIDEO: “NOT ANYMORE!” – Timothy Poleon releases clip promoting new talk show on Real FM

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Local journalist Timothy Poleon has released a 12-second video promoting his new talk show on Real FM radio.

The video starts with U.S. President Donald Trump saying “you’re fired” followed by Poleon saying “not anymore!”

It was revealed on Friday by Real FM/MBC TV that Poleon’s new talk show will begin on Monday, February 11, from 12:30 p.m.

Poleon was fired recently by Radio Caribbean International where he hosted the popular midday talk show, ‘News Spin’.

A name for his show on Real FM is expected to be decided on and revealed this weekend, a representative from Real FM told St. Lucia News Online.

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Award-winning veteran local journalist Timothy Poleon will commence his talk show on Real FM on Monday, Feb. 11, 2019, the radio station has announced.

Poleon was sacked by Radio Caribbean International (RCI) where he had hosted the popular midday talk show “News Spin”.

Former Saint Lucia diplomat and retired civil servant Earl Huntley has replaced Poleon who was fired about two weeks ago, allegedly in connection with his registration of a company under which he was planning to start his own radio station.

Reports are that Poleon’s employers saw this as a clear conflict of interest and Poleon allegedly would not budge on his decision.

However, Poleon has found a new family in Real FM/MBC.

The radio station confirmed this move on their Facebook page this afternoon.

“On Monday February 11th 2019, Award winning journalist Timothy Poleon will commence his talk show on REAL FM 91.3/91.55. Join us in welcoming him to the Real FM family and ask everyone to tune in for what is promised to be an exciting program line up,” it stated.

Poleon’s show will air weekdays from 12:30 to 2 p.m., according to Real FM.

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  1. If anything Tim is just not a good actor. Stick to talk shows my friend. On the other hand Earl has gotten to a bad start as Newspin host and has had to cancel some shows over people questioning him about his own integrity (Grydberg etc). Maybe Earl is better suited for acting because he could have convinced officials that there was oil on the beach at Dauphin. However most people know exactly whats going on: political parties jostling for influence.

  2. He use to play a JFK speech before news spin am intelligent enough to decode that ... this time u don't let speeches speak for u say all want you really truly wanted to say on your own radio show ... Blackman starts his own show.

  3. Did a 6 year old make that vid lol? Tim your shpw is easily irreplaceable all you had going for you was your consistency. You almost never answer questions and ur too cowardly to all out corruption.

  4. You all just cannot keep a good man down get it?

  5. Yaawwwn. Scratch scratch o welll

  6. Yaawwwn

  7. I ain’t lying that promo was kinda weak. I mean, couldn’t you be a little more creative!


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