VIDEO: Motorist ignores fire truck siren from Bois d’Orange to Rodney Bay

By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online reporter/editor

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If you’re a regular driver, you should know, as you should’ve been taught during driving lessons, that the sound of an emergency siren — whether it is coming from an ambulance, fire appliance, or a law enforcement vehicle — means that you should pull off the road safely and allow the vehicle to pass.

Well, one motorist seemingly ignored the siren, from Bois d’Orange all the way to Rodney Bay, in a video obtained by St. Lucia News Online (SEE VIDEO BELOW STORY).

Or was the driver inattentive?

The source of the video told St. Lucia News Online that the incident was recorded on Saturday, May 11, around 11 a.m.

“We were low on fuel and so we were heading to the station to refuel the appliance in preparation for any other emergency,” the source said, adding that is not the first time such an incident has occurred.

“This is something that we experience many times,” the source added. “In this case we took a video to show the public what we encounter when responding to emergencies.

The source said the incident was not reported to the police.

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  1. No! No! No! The long and short of it all is this. Pay attention.

    There is a large percentage of Saint Lucians who are just country bookies driving cars paid for with money from illicit drug activity. Therefore, try as you may. One might wish to take the pig out of the country, but one cannot ever expect to take the country out of the pig.

  2. Just Saying My Two Cents

    Before anyone crucify me for what i am about to say, please read carefully the report. I hope to get a copy of the legislation to verify the letter of the law. However, i have seen motorist continue to do the same. Some just stop instead of pulling to the side for fear their vehicle gets into mud or rides a curb. For me, this incident demonstrates the level of desensitization that persons have towards the siren. Too many times, the emergency appliance operator (ambulance, fire, police drivers) utilize the siren to get out of traffic. The Official's interviewed indicate that the siren should be used in the case of "attending to an emergency". If the source is indeed correct, the Driver of the emergency appliance should be reprimanded for using the siren. He states that they were on their way to get fuel "in preparation for any other emergency". This means that it was not an emergency. Further, the siren can incite panic in some drivers, who in turn can cause an accident. This goes back to the chicken and egg discussion. You cannot imprison a young man because you believe he will be a criminal. You should not use the siren because you believe that there will be an emergency. You deal with the situation when the event has occurred. This in no way condones the actions of the Subaru driver.


    • Well my friend in case you don't see the need this may help. If one is in need of fuel for a " what if?" scenario, I do not see why not allow the men to gather that highly important resource to attend "QUICKLY" to those in need. Your comment is rather insensitive to those who may probably be in trouble at a time just like this portrayed in the video.

      It matters not that there was or was no emegency! The fact of the matter is YOU DO NOT KNOW what is going on. once that siren comes on and you are blocking the way, you MOVE! simple. Mud or not.

  3. I see nothing wrong.

    The last time I checked there is no law saying that you’re supposed to pull over when you hear a siren.

  4. if i was the truck driver dat jeep would b scrap metal

  5. That person. Maybe forgot their hearing aid and didn’t hear the siren. Lol. But to b honest drivers down here don’t respect emergency vehicles daily.

  6. I was the driver of the emergency vehicle I would let the driver ahead known of my presence for sure....need to have some serious crash bar on them emergency vehicles for those who disobey the laws...Then go call the police hit a run and explained what transpired .

  7. To be low on fuel, is this a reason to drive with emergency siren ?
    When you come back from every tour you don't check whatever need to replaced ?
    No check up if the vehicle has everything for the next trip ?
    That look like you only thinking from A to B.

    • Luckily they were going for gas. They could have been attending to an emergency and this would have been the person's reaction.

      • Or they could've been doing what they normally do. Abuse the power the siren gives them. Nonetheless the driver was outright retarded

    • They go going for gas to attend to another emergency or did you miss that part

  8. She gotta finish her Whatsapp message, gassa!

  9. If y'all say y'all were low on fuel and needed gas why didn't y'all stop at volney gas station ?

  10. People will blame the guys for taking too long to respond but a driver or somebody they gv a license will not gv the guys space to pass. The worst thing is dem people learning to drive in tinted vehicles drive their cars in tinted vehicles cause they ashamed for people to see is them that cyah drive. We wanna see the number plates, then check out the instructor and driving school who taught that person and give them a small ban too. That perosn was never to taught properly

  11. This person should be could have been their mother ass that was sick in Rodney bay....despite the fact tht at times firemen abuse the use of the siren sometimes to get out of traffic on the four lane...this person is very wrong!only in slu!

  12. Typical Subaru driver.

  13. If the music is loud enough, in the cab of the vehicle you can drown out any noise...lets hope this was the case...its happened to me before.

    • But were you not taught to glance at your 3rd eye. U mean to tell me form Bois d Orange to Rodney Bay not once did you look at your review mirrors. smh

  14. I hope they take that drivers license from this person

  15. I hope that person is charged. If not shame on the police. I witnessed the same thing in Castries. The siren of a police vehicle went on as soon as it turned on Brazil Street near GTM and from then a women in a car pick up speed. Police finally went in line with her by Clico and stopped her. Hope she was charged.
    Police gain your respect .

  16. There should be a charge for this! Furthermore, the truck driver in front is just as guilty. Smh. Ever so often we have accidents in this country and most times its as a result of negligence.

    • They weren't even responding to an emergency call. They were racing back to the station to start liming and get ready for the street jump.

      • This kind of thinking is what causes delays and untimely death and severe loss of property of persons who need that service. Just imagine you call for a fire truck only to be told that the truck will be there in half an hour or more because they are in traffic on their way to refuel. Idiot minded

      • Don’t be an idiot, they need to race back to be prepared if there’s another emergency

      • They were going to another station to refuel. Not thier own station, to respond to an emergency afterwards. Don't put your dumb ass assumptions in here, trying to spread lies, ass wipe

      • Preparation for an emergency is just as important as the emergency itself. What if they were called before they arrived at the re-fueling point, with an idiot like that in front of them and it was your mother's sorry ass who was on the ground bleeding? Then that would change everything.

        Some people (like you) don't think about anything with their brain, they rely totally on the wind to bring the smell of their fart to their nostrils which then creates an idea.

  17. Must be a woman

  18. Then Joe public will come out and blame them for taking too long to respond..hope the driver was charged


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