VIDEO: More large snakes discovered in Saint Lucia

VIDEO: More large snakes discovered in Saint Lucia

(SNO) — Another reptile-discovery video has appeared on social media in Saint Lucia.

This time around, two large snakes — boa constrictors — are seen in the video. Apparently a third snake — a smaller one — was spotted, according to the conversation among the persons in the video.

St. Lucia News Online was told that three snakes were found near a cemetery in Forestiere last week. However, we have not independently verified the location and date.

This news comes about two weeks after another video surfaced on social media of a large boa, which was found on a WASCO site in Union. The snake was removed the following day by a wildlife official.

According to officials, it has been reported that an increasing number of snakes have been seen near human-populated areas. Their explanation is that the snakes are being motivated to leave their natural habitat in search of cooler temperatures.

However, some residents don’t hold that view. During recent social media discussions, a number of people believe the reptiles are fleeing their natural habitat because of the man-made destruction of the forests and vegetation for various developments.




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  1. Oh hallelujah! Oh Mighty! Mighty!

    Give thanks and praise to our colonial slave masters for bringing such beauty, such variation and considerate inclusion into our local environment.

    We could not do it without them. As part of their legacy today, some of our snakes wear tidy ties, three-piece suits and stand on two legs. They shoot shate. And they publish it. Yes. They really publish it. Snakes!


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