VIDEO: Man shot in chest in TT; footage circulating on social media

VIDEO: Man shot in chest in TT; footage circulating on social media

TRINIDAD EXPRESS – Two men who came to kill a San Fernando man showed no fear of being caught when they ambushed him on a busy street in San Fernando yesterday.

The shooting was captured on closed circuit television cameras and circulated on social media.

The victim, Jarod Solomon, 31, of Cocoyea Village, was shot several times in his chest.
Solomon was expected to undergo emergency surgery last evening.

According to police, around 12.30 p.m., Solomon was at a businessplace on Todd’s Street when two men, one with a firearm, opened fire.

The footage showed Solomon speaking to a man at the entrance of the business place near the street when one of the suspects approached him.

Solomon ran into the business place as the shooter continued to fire at him.

The man who was speaking to Solomon ran into the street.

A man who was in his vehicle, parked footsteps away from the ambush, was also shot at as he drove away.

The suspects, police were told, escaped on foot.

Solomon was taken to San Fernando General Hospital in critical condition.

Cpl Mendoza of the San Fernando CID is continuing investigations.


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