VIDEO: Jamaican man uses teeth to lift a bag of cement

VIDEO: Jamaican man uses teeth to lift a bag of cement

A man from the parish of St. Thomas in Jamaica believes that he should be inducted in the Guinness Book of World Records after he used his teeth to lift a bag of Carib cement weighing 94 pounds, according to the Jamaica Star newspaper.

The Jamaican said “ah me name Rambo man”, referring to the Sylvester Stallone action-movie character.

He said persons have placed bets of up to JMD$60,000 (US$476), challenging him to left a bag of cement with his teeth.

He and other people believe his strength is a gift from God – that no one can take away from him.


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  1. I WONDER WHAT WHAT SMH CAN DO.Give the man a break...wonder if you can catch a cold and that's the easiest thing to catch.


  2. what ever you do mr rambo man dont let no woman cut your hair eh. lol on a more serious note if you so strong why not push the bar a little higher and be an all out bodybuilder maybe you can aww the world in pushing more weights than competitive body builders. you may never no.


  3. "challenging him to left a bag of cement with his teeth" Guinness world of records for what may I ask carrying a bag of cement is nothing compared to people pulling vehicles with their teeth ,mister you're a far way from reaching any records...


    • "smh" is people like you that does bring people down with yall negative comments. whats wrong with the guy asking for a shot in the book of records? yes its true people pull vehicles with their teeth but many have done that. how many do you see that has carried a bag of cement with such ease with their teeth


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